Serrated Bread Knife Selection

Serrated Bread Knife Selection

For slicing fresh bread, no other tool does as good a job as a serrated knife. Deemed the "bread knife," a serrated knife has the unique features needed to ensure delicate baked goods are sliced without crushing. This is precisely why Knife Depot only carries the best brands. Now you can purchase a bread knife with the same low price offered by larger chains, plus get the personalized service only a small business can offer. Take a moment to click through our bread knife inventory and then contact us if you have any questions. It would be our pleasure to offer suggestions, provide details or help with your ordering process to ensure your experience is first rate.

Love it, works beautifully. No sawing involved it cuts threw bread like butter.

By Elisabeth B.
Victorinox Offset Bread Knife, Wavy, Black Nylon, 7.5 in.

This is the best bread knife we've ever had. I bake my own bread and it's the crusty kind, so a good knife is paramount. My husband is as pleased with it as I am.

I like my knife very much! It is very sharp. I wish I had purchased one with a wooden handle.

I bought this knife to replace a rather battered Spyderco kitchen utility knife that is no longer available. This is a great knife to keep in the kitchen drawer. The fine serrations make it useful to cut anything from cold meat to tomatoes to bread rolls. It is well balanced and the handle is extremely comfortable although it is too lightweight to replace a chefs knife for slicing hard vegetables.

By Peter V.
Victorinox Black Fibrox Wavy Bread 10.25" Bread Knife

This is the best I have ever used! Buy two !

By Peggy R.
Victorinox Offset Bread Knife, Wavy, Black Nylon, 7.5 in.

I especially like offset knives. They feel secure in your grip. Wish more models and sizes were available. I am very pleased with the knife, the seller and the way you do business. Best of luck for your company.

By Amy L.
Victorinox Bread, Wavy, Black Fibrox, 8 in.

This is a high quality product! I am extremely happy with it!

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