Byrd Knives by Spyderco

Byrd Knives by Spyderco

If you're a serious knife enthusiast, you're probably familiar with the level of quality that distinguishes Spyderco's knives from the rest of the pack. Byrd Knives, a new line of folding knives designed by Spyderco, are the perfect gateway knife for any budding knife fan. Spyderco's philosophy behind them: "Dependability shouldn't depend on your budget." Their new flock of knives backs up that claim well with good-to-great edge retention and high-performance materials.

Every Byrd knife is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee, so your purchase will always be worry-free.

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Outstanding value for the price! I believe Byrd is a subsidiary of Spyderco. In any case the finish is not perfect, but overall the knife is great. I'm a retired cop so for many years a knife was not only my final back up but a tool. I don't collect, I use and this is a users knife.

Very high quality product at a great price!

By Sam W.
Byrd Knives Cara Cara, Stainless Handle & Blade, Plain

This is an impressive knife! It is sturdy, has a good edge, and an excellent design. I'm fond of thumb holes vs studs. I used it to sheet rock one day. It only needed a brief touch up to get the edge back.