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When people talk of the best and most authentic swords in the modern era, the name CAS Hanwei always gets mentioned. CAS Hanwei, a collaboration between CAS Iberia and Paul Chen, offers an impressive line of swords of all styles and time periods, which includes everything from ancient Samurai swords to European swords from the 16th century. That’s why it's no surprise that CAS Hanwei is popular among collectors and reenactors.

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CAS Hanwei Wind and Thunder Katana
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CAS Hanwei Great Wave Tanto Sword
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CAS Hanwei Practical Plus XL Katana
$414.99 $439.00
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CAS Hanwei Practical Iaito-28" Blade
$289.99 $299.00
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CAS Hanwei Shinto Katana
$744.99 $899.00
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CAS Hanwei  Pecoraro Sabre
$179.99 $242.44
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CAS Hanwei Comp Sword
$79.99 $86.00
CAS Hanwei Rondel Dagger
$134.99 $198.38
CAS Hanwei Practical Wushu
$127.49 $165.00
CAS Hanwei Bushido Katana
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CAS Hanwei Musashi XL Katana
$714.99 $889.00
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CAS Hanwei Practical Elite Katana
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CAS Hanwei Practical Pro Katana
$389.99 $419.00
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CAS Hanwei Practical Plus Katana
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CAS Hanwei Practical Wakizashi
$219.99 $229.00
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Recent Reviews - CAS Hanwei

By Ranald C.
CAS Hanwei Grizzly Bowie

My rating = 4.5. I find it hard to call this knife a "bowie" on account of it's diminutive size and double-edged configuration. More of a small "toothpick", this is a fighter-type in the class of the USMC fighter- more so than a bowie as we know bowies in US. Total length is 12.5 inches, the 8" blade is thinner than any bowie I've ever seen or handled. The blade back is ground to almost a full back-edge, but isn't sharpened, the spine is in the center of the blade, like a dagger. I was disappointed when I first saw this and almost sent it back, but it takes a wicked edge and seems to hold it well, better than some stainless I've used that seemed to dull just by being looked at. Sharpened easily on my stones, seems like a good steel. I've used it cutting meat and plant materials it slides thru the stuff, it CUTS! It is also a lovely work of knife-makers art well polished blade, quillion and buttcap, all stainless. The grip is elk or large deer antler with a nice grain- looks like sambar, the best antler, I've ever worked and almost impossible to get in the States. I've worked enough antler knife handles to know quality when I see and handle it. The sheath is nice quality leather, well-tanned and welted, double stitched, and well-done. Leather preservative darkend it a bit. The attention to detail on this knife is awesome and shows quality we are not used to seeing in many Chinese products. The ricasso is marked with "Dalian China" in VERY small letters, and "Rock Creek Knives" on the flip side, no "bill-boards" on this knife!. So far as I have tested this knife, it is worth the money and pleasantly surprising.. Having worked on knives and a lot of antler, I did "customize" it a bit by smoothing down the antler on my belt sander, fine grit and then a quick buff. Didn't NEED to do this but it is what I do and the grip now conforms to my hand and the antler is very smooth and "alive" feeling. I'm pleased over all, glad I bought it. My only complaint has to do with the dagger twin grind of the blade, which is why I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars, would rate it at 4.5. In my experience that twin grind COULD possibly weaken the blade by taking thickness and weight from the blade back. Certainly lightens it- not always a good thing. Am in the process of thinning the back-edge to sharpen several inches up the back. It is a beautiful knife and Im surprised at the quality/price factor.. quite a value from China, well made by Han Wei craftsmen. I carry a small belt knife frequently and it's either this one- or my Buck 120 and this one's prettier. The "Grizzly" has grown on me.. Time and use will tell the tale! Will definitely get another Han Wei knife, God willing.

By Howard N.
CAS Hanwei Zatoichi Stick/Sword-Forged

Very nice sword,it was more than I expected.

This is what I expected in a nice tomohawk smooth balance nice apperance. well made structure one piece tomohawk. pricey but good material. the handel is a little thin but your not chopping wood with it. so very good buy.

By Henry Z.
CAS Hanwei Renaissance Wax 65 ml (2.25 oz can)

Excellent product. Protecting my collection is important to me. This product does all that and more. Highly recommended.