Chef's Choice Sharpener & Accessory Selection

Chef's Choice Sharpener & Accessory Selection

Keep your new cutlery razor-sharp with a professional-quality Chef's Choice sharpener. Foolproof electric sharpeners from Chef's Choice hone all your blades to like-new sharpness, making your knives last longer and perform better. Every Chef's Choice sharpener works on virtually any kind of knife, from kitchen utensils to sporting knives, with either straight or serrated edges. Make all your cutting jobs easier with a well-sharpened blade, courtesy of Chef's Choice and Knife Depot. Read customer reviews to see which Chef's Choice sharpeners get a five-star rating, or ask one of our knowledgeable staff to assist you in finding the right sharpener for your knives. Competitive pricing and Knife Depot's A+ BBB rating proves your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Chef'sChoice Premium Electric Food Slicer
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It works wonderfully, compact and, pleasant in appearance. I've sharpened several blades of different widths and, shapes successfully, the magnetic angle guide is strong enough to hold the knives while the angle notch is perfect for a smooth withdrawal. A+ people..I'd buy it again! Thank you very much.

I was very happy and well satisfied with the knife and have told other's about you and thay have ordered from you also and thay are well satisfied also.

Best blade sharpener I've ever used and I've gone thru a lot, could never find one good enough to keep around and this one will stay around for sure!!!!! Five stars all day long!!!

Very good. Sharpens all kind of knifes in an easy and effective way. I recommend it

The knife sharpener was a gift. My intention was to provide a sharpener to an inexperienced housewife. It took minimum training for her to be proficient. Now, I can't find a dull knife in her house.

I love this sharpener. The fine is still a little bit on the abrasive side but with a piece of ceramic afterword you can't get any better

By Greg H.
Chefs Choice 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener with EdgeSelect, Platinum

I love it- gave away all of my diamond homing stones. I still have a hard time thinking that you can control the angle well enough with manual sharpening to achieve what this machine does in short order.

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Chef's Choice Sharpener & Accessory Selection

All products that carry the Chef'sChoice® name reflect our fundamental commitment to create the world's best. Whether selecting any of the revolutionary, professional-quality knife sharpeners, cutlery, food slicers, waffle makers, hot beverage appliances or related home or commercial kitchen appliances, you can be sure EdgeCraft® products are created to perform superbly, last a lifetime and be a pleasure to own.