Old Hickory Chef's Knife / Santoku Selection

Old Hickory Chef's Knife / Santoku Selection

top of the line. had same knife for 15 years but lost it.so happy to have it back with upgrade blade.

This is a great chef's knife. Superior steel allows the blade to be thin, and with the polymer handle, it is very light and agile. It was razor sharp right out of the box, and has held it's edge nicely under regular use. The Knife Depot folks are great to deal with, too.

I warn the reader that I don't know much about knives but the Ergo Chef certainly does set a personal standard. I have never held and used a knife of this quality before. I will keep it forever.

The blade is a perfect length for use in the kitchen. Al Mar knives are made with high quality steel which holds a good edge. It fits well in the hand - balanced more to the rear (toward the handle) - very manageable blade in the kitchen

Beautiful and functional. I feel it was worth every penny spent.

If I could only have one knife, and I have many, it would be this one. It's the best I've ever used. Excellent price too. Have now given three as gifts to our children... and they feel the same way. Easy to sharpen and holds a good edge. Nice to have something as good as advertised. Knife Depot gave excellent service at a busy time of year, too.

This knife is a finely made piece art. A note to the other review You should NEVER put a knife in the dishwasher of any kind. The heat destroys the edge. I bet all the knives in your drawer are dull. These knives should be hand cleaned a coat of light olive oil or similar type food grade oil on them when you put them away. The same reason you NEVER put cast iron in the dishwasher it destroys the seasoning and build up of essential oils that create the nonstick properties of a well seasoned skillet.

Knife was awesome quality, was a little disappointed in the size of the logo imprinted on the knife, it was a little small, thought it would be bigger. Other than that, the clients I gave them to really liked them. Next time I will request a larger logo.

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