Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery

Whether you're making grilled cheese or Oysters Rockefeller, Chicago Cutlery has got your kitchen knife needs covered. Chicago's knife sets are the best kitchen knives for home cooks: they're reasonably priced, yet made with the best stainless steel and innovative designs.

Knife Depot can assure you that all of Chicago Cutlery's knives are at the top of their game: that's why we'll back every one with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

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My husband and I received a set of 4 of the Chicago Wood traditional steak knives when we were first married. We are still using them. We have never had to get them sharpened even though we use them for everything everyday. We have been married 53 1/2 years. You can't beat the quality. I have given these knife set to young couples getting married because I know they will last them and serve them well for years to come.

I bought this set for my son and he loves it!! It came early and it looked really nice!! He has commented how nice it is compared to the ones he threw out!!

These knives are balanced perfectly. Smooth even cuts or dices. They sharpen in seconds. The block is beautiful. Con My peeler knife snapped right in the center of the blade. These knives are in pristine condition, it slid off the cutting board and hit the divider in the sink and it snapped. I can not find one link anywhere I search to get a replacement.

Good quality, accurate, quick delivery

Other than the difficulty of ordering the monogrammed gift set...It was perfect. The knives were professionally done and looked very rich. As a cook by trade, I am excited that these personalized quality knives exist. I am going to order me a set soon so I can comment on the quality of the knife after sufficient usage. Hopefully by then, the site would be updated to be user/MONOGRAM FRIENDLY

Great knives. Will cut through the biggest steaks you have. Large size may not appeal to the wife, but I have enjoyed having "real" steak knives at a reasonable price.

I was hoping all the knives were serrated, but they are fine knives,and nice selection.

About Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery

No matter what the culinary task, you can count on Chicago Cutlery® to get the job done time & again. Since 1930 Chicago Cutlery has been making quality knives with features like comfortable ergonomic handles & sharp patented edges. So they do the job well every time - & they come with a lifetime guarantee to prove it.

Why are Chicago Cutlery knives so dependable?

Strength - All of Chicago Cutlery knives are made of top quality stainless steel that contains carbon to keep edges sharper longer & chromium to resist rust & stains.

Stability - Chicago Cutlery knives feature a full tang for balance & strength. Plus, blades are fastened to handles with triple rivets for the utmost in safety & stability.

Plus all Chicago Cutlery products come with a lifetime guarantee so you never have to worry about something going wrong.