Coast Knives & LED Lighting

Coast Knives & LED Lighting

Coast has come a long way since their founding nearly 100 years ago. They began by supplying the frontiersmen of America's Pacific Northwest with the hunting and trapping knives that they used to make their livings. It was only recently that Coast was catapulted into fame by their line of long-lasting, premium LED lighting products. Even though their priorities have shifted, Coast is still churning out hardy tactical and hunting knives that have quickly become the favorite of military personnel and law enforcement units around the globe.

Every Coast product that we carry comes with our 60-day money-back guarantee. If you have any questions about your purchase, please don't hesitate to call our dedicated customer service team!

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By Mike F.
Coast Z-Frame Large

I've bought several more expensive knives, & always seem to lose them. This little gem is as good as any of the more pricey ones, & I've kept it for a long time. Still opens boxes as well as it it did the day I bought it.

By Howard M.
Coast G50 Flashlight, 3 AAA Batteries, 166 Lumens

This is a great flashlight. Good strong spotlight beam, but also can be set to a very uniform, wide-angle flood with impressive brightness. My top choice for use during emergencies such as power blackouts. Also great for hiking in the woods. Uses economical alkaline batteries rather than expensive lithium batteries.