Cold Steel Knife Collection

Cold Steel Knife Collection

When it comes to knives, strong and sharp don't always go together. Ultra-sharp, high-carbon blades are brittle and easily damaged, while stronger, low-carbon knives can't hold an edge. With a Cold Steel knife, though, you get the best of both worlds. Cold Steel's innovative manufacturing technique forms a unique blade known worldwide for both its sharpness and durability. By sandwiching high-carbon steel between two layers of stronger, low-carbon material, Cold Steel is able to make a blade that will remain sharp and free from the damage other knives suffer. At Knife Depot, we bring you an extensive collection of Cold Steel knives while also making them affordable. You get the highest level of outstanding quality at competitive prices.

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Cold Steel Dagger
Cold Steel Knives 1860 U.S. Heavy Cavalry Saber
$254.99 $389.99
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Cold Steel Knives - Trail Master San Mai III
$314.99 $469.99
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Recent Reviews - Cold Steel Knife Collection

This knife is fantastic! I wish there was a way to secure the knife in the scabbard, but that was easily remedied with a piece of black elastic

This was given as a Christmas gift. The person who they were given to loved them. What really made it special was the fact of having his name engraved into the pieces. This gift was well received and loved.

Fits most ANY large knife.

Pocket sized meat cleaver, handle material top notch, can't flip open blade from pocket unless I choke up on the handle.takes two moves. Price is good to bad its made over seas I like it.

If I found myself in a zombie apocalypse, I would be ready with this knife.

I bought this machete as a gift for my dad. I have not had a chance to play with it yet. This is the style he grew up with on the farm, that's why I went with this style. I only wish it had a grippy rubber type handle instead of the hard plastic. My concern is if you will get a vibration back through the handle when striking a firm object?

I have bought the machete it is not a toy not from Knife Depot from Cold Steel I love it it will take anything out I chopped a limb of 2 lns in diameter one hit and it it fell to the ground it is not not a lightweight it works better than a regular machete chopped a fallen tree up in no time that was in the road when hunting and it is very sharp it will do the job but be careful if you make a mistake you can really hurt yourself the tree in the road was 6 ins. Diameter and I carry in my truck always

The walking stick is one of the best