Cold Steel Knife Collection

Cold Steel Knife Collection

When it comes to knives, strong and sharp don't always go together. Ultra-sharp, high-carbon blades are brittle and easily damaged, while stronger, low-carbon knives can't hold an edge. With a Cold Steel knife, though, you get the best of both worlds. Cold Steel's innovative manufacturing technique forms a unique blade known worldwide for both its sharpness and durability. By sandwiching high-carbon steel between two layers of stronger, low-carbon material, Cold Steel is able to make a blade that will remain sharp and free from the damage other knives suffer. At Knife Depot, we bring you an extensive collection of Cold Steel knives while also making them affordable. You get the highest level of outstanding quality at competitive prices.

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Great designed GI Tanto, blade is well purposed for use and the construction is heavy duty. The hands and sheath are both well fitted for the blade.

I needed a blade that I can use to practice my martial arts with but can double as a practical tool. The Cold Steel 2-handed Latin machete works great. I love the sturdiness and balance.

Nice knife, incredibly light, but it had no sheath so I can't carry it. So it basically is.....just there.

This cane sword is of extreme high quality, unlike the ones with the Acme thread screw-off tube. The tube is retained by two (2) 'O' rings, which allow a tight fit until the tube is pulled off. Attached firmly to the stylish knob handle is a 15" hardened steel rod, honed to a fine point. Excellent for self defense. I make knives, have a forge and machine shop. I couldn't make this item in a week. Strongly recommended.

While unboxing I was immediately impressed with this knife. It was very sharp and held it's sharpness until today. This is also a great looking knife. Thanks, Joe G.

This is a high quality knife, built with close tolerances and excellent materials. I live in a place where no one cares what knife I carry, and I carry all sorts every day; this is not a short blade. This Cold Steel Ti-Lite is light enough to carry well in dress trousers or vest pocket, and built well enough to withstand lots of abuse. It holds an edge pretty well, I keep mine at 22 degrees both sides. This is not self-assist, but mine doesn't seem to need it, it's quick, silent and locks open with a definitive click. One of my go-to EDCs and I'm glad I decided to buy it, you will too. Cold Steel; keep up the good work.

By Joe B.
Cold Steel 43XLS Urban Edge Push Dagger, Combo Edge

I would like it to be more concealable.

Very good, functional knife. I like the authentic look and feel of the knife. I have been using an authentic Panawal from Nepal when I need a functional hunting knife for large animals. I will take the Bowie with me on my next hunting trip back to South Africa.