Cold Steel Knife Collection

Cold Steel Knife Collection

When it comes to knives, strong and sharp don't always go together. Ultra-sharp, high-carbon blades are brittle and easily damaged, while stronger, low-carbon knives can't hold an edge. With a Cold Steel knife, though, you get the best of both worlds. Cold Steel's innovative manufacturing technique forms a unique blade known worldwide for both its sharpness and durability. By sandwiching high-carbon steel between two layers of stronger, low-carbon material, Cold Steel is able to make a blade that will remain sharp and free from the damage other knives suffer. At Knife Depot, we bring you an extensive collection of Cold Steel knives while also making them affordable. You get the highest level of outstanding quality at competitive prices.

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Cold Steel Knives - Trail Master San Mai III
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My PBT is great to throw and also very cool as a camp knife. I also use it as my EDC here on the farm. There may be more expensive knives out there but this blade has everything I need including durability.

By Husain A.
Cold Steel Knives Slim Stick, Carbon Fiber Walking Stick

The best stick ever, light and very strong.

I was looking for a folding knife with a thicker blade and no serrations like most knives have today. The thin blades and serrations on most folding knives today are just not adequate for my use. You can find plenty of stout, fixed blade knives but I spend a lot of time on horseback and I find these cumbersome. The Espada has the features of a heavier fixed blade knife while retaining the versatility of a folding knife and the curved grip is excellent. Don't get me wrong, the Espada is a large knife, but in the folded position I still find it's size acceptable for long hours in the saddle or for carrying around the home and ranch all day. For me, it is a good all around tool.

Only gave it 3 stars because you have to put quite a bit of modification and finish work to make thus a good hawk. The coating on the blade , the stupid set screw & the handle finish & fit are all pretty bad. Sanded handle, removed blade paint & set screw & was able to make it a pretty good hawk. It is light & but still decent for small chopping & such once you sharpen the incredibly dull blade. I? carry it around with me on hikes because it is light & versatile tool. Not so good outta the box , but with mods done it is a nice tool. Once the paint is off the head, you can see it is nice steel to profile how you like.

Great knife at a great price

1st: This Cold Steel product is of very high quality in both manufacture & design. It is exactly what I wanted for my ongoing collection. Extremely sharp with a perfect balanced grind. 2nd: Knife-Depot has been my go-to source for all edge items for a while now. No reason to shop elsewhere!

The Italian dagger I ordered and received is of excellent quality. All parts are finely finished, polished, and assembled to make a very attractive and sturdy weapon. I strongly recommend this style of knife for those who demand the best in European weaponry of the middle ages and later periods in history.

I am hard on this knife! So the finish comes off the blade really easy! But with a little work i easily took the finish off with a razor blade. The metal looks better anyway! It a big badass knife!! And definitely would buy from Knife Depot again!