Collector Knives

Collector Knives

If you’re looking for a knife with style, character and history, our selection of collector knives should be your first stop. We feature blades such as: primitive Bowie knives, Rambo survival knives, Scottish dirk daggers and more.  Many of our collector knives come with wall mounts for easy display, so you can show off your new purchase to friends and family.

And don’t forget, all of our collector knives come with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

CAS Hanwei Cromwell Sword
$384.99 $561.00
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My son was in Afghanistan he came home we gave him this knife.He was in college his truck back pack was stolen fishing gear stolen. Had the lock cover on back.He love that knife.

I ordered this not realizing exactly what I was getting. Its a very cool knife but strictly novelty

By Joseph B.
Fury Sporting Cutlery Flying Skull, Pewter Finish Handle, Plain Edge Knife

This is a really cool knife, The curved blade is wicked. Opens smooth and locks open tight. Maybe a little hard to close sometimes but that will get easier with a little time. Its a very good looking knife too.

I purchased this knife with engraving for an anniversary gift. It is perfect. My husband loves it, carries it always, and uses it. He shows it off to family and friends. And I so appreciate the great customer service I received that made it so the knife arrived just in time even though I was a little late in deciding what to get him. I highly recommend Knife Depot.

The KA-BAR commerative Vietnam army knife is very fitting to show my participation in the Vietnam conflict. It is an appropiate size and form to remember my time in that conflict. It will be handed down in my family and displayed proudly for generations.

Excellent product. Well made and finished. For the knife it was intended for it is perfect. If you try to fit another knive to it as I did things can get difficult. Trying to get your particular knife to fit level becomes the problem. I tried fitting a Randall #1 - 8" to it and the handle bottomed on the base before the magnet could attract the blade to hold the knife forcing a friction fit on the guard in order to get the knife near level. I would still buy this product as mounting problems always occur when adapting and it looks great.

By Mark F.
Boker Damascus Blade Knife with 3,000-Year Old Oak Handle

I love this knife and the quality is first rate. You could just marvel at the steel pattern and fine craftsmanship of this blade for an hour and not see every detail, worth the money. I do, however, have a question. Is this knife made by the famous Boker Damascus forger Manfred Sachse? And how would you know? Does anyone know if there is a photo page showing all the knives he made during his twenty years at Boker? Thanks

It was better than I expected. Experience with this vendor has been great!