Collector Knives

If you’re looking for a knife with style, character and history, our selection of collector knives should be your first stop. We feature blades such as: primitive Bowie knives, Rambo survival knives, Scottish dirk daggers and more.  Many of our collector knives come with wall mounts for easy display, so you can show off your new purchase to friends and family.

And don’t forget, all of our collector knives come with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Collector Knives
United Cutlery LOTR White Gandalf Staff
$139.99 $237.00
Free Shipping
Queen Cutlery S&M Heritage Series Lmtd. Ed. Set
$514.99 $741.48
Free Shipping
Gerber Gator 20th Anniversary Knife Set
$184.99 $258.00
Free Shipping

It was better than I expected. Experience with this vendor has been great!

Very unique knife. cool biker knife.

By Bob R.
Boker Osama Bin Laden "Justice Is Done" Commemorative Folding Knife

This a top quality knife. I am very pleased with the workmanship and design. I do wish it came with a small brochure detailing how the knife was made and especially what materials it is made of.

By Alton R.
Master Cutlery Rambo II Non-Signature Edition Survival Rambo Knife

I tried to get the blade to loosen, by applying pressure from four sides . It stayed straight . I don't recommend chopping down a tree with it . But I believe you could field dress a deer. Could go to your door to greet some unwanted guest? But I'm not suggesting it, but it is a scary looking weapon.

By Alton R.
Master Cutlery Rambo II Non-Signature Edition Survival Rambo Knife

The knife is a Copey,But built well, compass work well. I measured inside the handle and found a 3/4 inch peace of steel holding the guard. The peace of steal is 3/4 by 1/4 inch up in the 1/2 "steal insert. In my opinion the knife is a keep sake. But I believe you could gut a dear with it or let your wife cut up steaks and chicken, But I am going to build a glass case for it, and hang on wall, the knife came in perfect condition.

The knife arrived extremely sharp, bigger than expected! Would recommend this to anyone that is looking to buy a straight razor, you can't go wrong with this one!

Work of art! I carried one long ago, whilst on active duty. I gave mine to a Ghurka Captain whom I served with. Now I have a similar one with me again! It will remain in its case!

I like this dagger, it goes well, with my dragon collection, of knives, it looks very good.