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Almost a century ago, a blacksmith, a knife factory foreman and a knife manufacturer got together and started the company that would eventually morph into the Colonial Knife Company. Colonial's big break came during World War II, when they were commissioned by the U.S. government to manufacture military jack knives and the famous Mark 1 Navy Deck Knife for Americans fighting abroad. Since then, they've diversified their lineup to include some of the best rescue tools, tactical knives, multitools and pocket knives on the market today.

Our dedicated customer service team knows every Colonial knife and tool inside and out, and are standing by to help you find exactly what you need.

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This item would also work very well as a "gut hook" for dressing large game, without cutting into the internal organs. I would purchase it, but I already have a gut hook skinning knife.

super knife, very easy to keep sharp and holds an edge very well, also being an auto it is easy for me to open and close one handed, just one thing be nice to be able to buy selected blades for this knife instead of buying the complete set

super knife just like I had when I was active duty some 30 years ago, very easy to keep sharp and holds an edge very well, also being an auto it is easy for me to open and close one handed

By Jim C.
Colonial Marlin Spike Knife with Manual Open Cutting Blade, USA Made

Great knife. Easy to get to marline spike with one hand opening. I carry and use it daily. Well made and a quality knife

By Anthony B.
Colonial Knife Company Mark 1 Navy Deck Knife with Sheath

This is a really nice piece of history in the form of a WW-II mil-spec Navy issue Deck Knife. The best part about it is it is made in USA to the exact specs that it was originally ordered by the USN. The leather sheath is top grade leather too. If you like tactical gear, you will love this.

By Thomas B.
Colonial Knife Company Tactical Marlin Spike Knife

I have been looking for a knife like this for many years.Its like the one I had while in the navy.The company was fast and professional with there service.The knife itself is durable and of good quality I don't mind paying for quality.I would and I will buy from this company again.You get what you pay for.

I carried the twin of this knife for many years but forgot I had it and gave it up to the TSA. I looked a long time to find another like it. It is an excellent basic knife with a screw-driver, which is really handy. The knife is constructed well and I recommend it.

The knife I ordered I was very happy with it. The workmanship was top rate. The blades stay sharp and I use it everyday. The only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because I wish it had a wood on the sides instead of plastic. But in the big picture that is simply cosmetics and does not affect the performance of the knife. I will be more then happy to order more from you when the time comes. Thank you for your time

About Colonial Knife Company

Colonial Knife Company

Colonial Knife Company got its start in 1919 when it's founder, Antonio Paolantonio returned from WWI after serving with the United States Calvary as a Black Smith. Antonio began making knives at 9 Calendar Street in Providence, Rhode Island. Antonio called his new company the "A. Paolantonio Cutlery Company." Antonio's first customers were the jewelry industry. Antonio made knife skeletons and sold the skeletons to the jewelry industry where they would place exotic handles on the knives and re-sell the finished knives to high end men's clothing stores. Over the years the business grew and in 1926 Antonio changed the company name to Colonial Knife Company, Inc.

World War II broke out and Antonio was asked to serve on the War Production Board in Washington, D.C. where he oversaw the allocation of steel to the cutlery industry and research that lead to the only combat knife to use polymers (plastics) for knife handles that offered Navy corpsman and medics the ability to boil the knife to make it sterile.

Over the next 40 years Colonial Knife grew adding over 150 product lines and during the 1960's enjoyed the reputation as the world's largest knife manufacturer.

During the 1970's and into the 1980's Colonial produced collector knives for Smith & Wesson, Colt, Winchester, and the "John Russell Barlow" knives for Russell Harrington Company (Dexter Russell) the "Colonel Coon" knife line along with producing knives for a number of knife manufacturers under private label.

Colonial's current brands include such names as Ranger,Colonial-Prov.USA, Old Cutler, Anvil Brand, Coyote, Master Series, Swiss Master, BackCountry, Solder Tec, Hurricane, GSA government Knives, auto knives, Hand Crafted Series and Barlow.