Dagger Knife Selection

Dagger Knife Selection
Cold Steel Knives Italian Dagger
$129.99 $244.00
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Boker Swiss Dagger
$279.99 $369.00
Boker A-F  5.5 Fixed Blade Tactical knife
$309.99 $445.00
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Entrek Commando Knife
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Before there were swords, the weapon of choice among warriors was a dagger. Knife collectors today might not have a lot of use for the short, thrusting jabs daggers are made for, but these blades remain popular, as you can see from the variety of choices available. You'll find fantasy-inspired blades perfect for hunting dragons, along with the more practical single-blade models. Whether you're buying for yourself or as a gift, our personalized customer service ensures you'll find just the right dagger – shipped fast, and at an affordable price. Take your time and review the many dagger knife styles in our huge online catalog then contact us if you have any questions.

Good display piece . Not sharp .

By Janice W.

Bought this skull dagger for my husband's birthday..he love skulls/ skeletons and knives. It was perfect! I had it engraved to make it even more special! There was a couple small pieces that had chipped off on the back. I contacted them via email and they resolved it quickly and sent me a new base and sent a return label on the box the replacement came in and I sent the damaged part back...replacement base was great. Now he has something to cherish a lifetime!

I use the knife to protect against animal attacks on the street etc I had to take the handle apart and filled it with epoxy then put it back together with serrations at bottom which I'm accustomed to I sharpened the dull edge on the side of the serrations also. I guess it is really for scuba diving, tank tap on the pommel. It is lightweight not substantial. The weight is probably the selling factor if you need a big knife that's lightweight. Boker is a good brand as well.

This knife is amazing. When I first held it I was immediately struck by how good it felt in my hand. I am not surprised though because every knife I've purchased from the Knife Depot far exceeded my expectations. This knife is perfect for boot carry or in any other way now that I think about it. My only "negative" comment would be that the sheath which comes with this knife is a bit to be desired. But, it's just my preference. You may love it. I would prefer a leather sheath. But, this doesn't at all affect the five stars I gave this knife. This is a very high quality knife. Period.

This is a very high quality knife. It's well made and designed. The hilt fits over the blade with no gaps. The hilt is thick, strong, and could easily stop a sword if used for blocking. The blade is not what I expected. it comes up 2" before being sharp. I was puzzled at first then realized it is part of the blocking. My only complaint about it is that even though it came sharp, it wasn't sharp enough. Note* if it's not sharp enough to shave with... it's not sharp enough. The case is also very high quality leather. Nice design on the front. Only thing is that covers the front of the knife handle and gets in the way of drawing it. Easily fixed by trimming it down . This knife is a VERY good deal at under $50. After seeing it I would have been willing to pay more.

That's my second one. The first one came with the ball broken on top of the dagger, so I decided to buy another one but this time around it came out fine.

This knife is very sharp and functional in design. We actually used the knife in a dangerous situation with one of our horses and it cut the rope one stoke. On the downside you need to be very careful as when my wife was removing it in the stressful situation she accidentally cut herself on the thumb (minor only needed a band aid). As to size it fits in her boot very nicely on mine the sheath is a little thick with the extra pocket so I have been looking for another sheath or thinking about cutting off the extra material to make it thinner. Overall horse people are all over the board on whats best to carry while riding but this one did the job when the time came to use it in an emergency situation.

I got a pair of these, so I can carry them in a shoulder rig. These knives aren't made for camping, because dagger. Boker underdog (not undergod dumass) is way sharp. And the needle sharp point, nasty serrations and grippy handle means this blade is staying in your hand, under the wettest nastiest conditions. The pommel has a metal end the shape of a hammer that screws on; making the knife handle secured to the blade. I'm pretty sure you could drive a nail with it, and it sure will do some damage as soon as it makes contact with skin and bones. There's only one purpose to a knife made like this; personal protection / offensive / defensive / intimidation factor this knife has all that and more. The sheath is made in such a way so you can configure it in multiple carry options, high on the belt, low on the belt, tied on the bottom strapped on the leg, and it stays put. The polymer handle has a nice grippy feel to it, and more than finger guards, they're hand protection so you can really push on it hard. Nice lanyard hole at the pommel end, snap closure on the sheath and did I say needle sharp? I spoze you could cut a piece of para-cord with it, but who cares? I didn't get these daggers to go camping, and it's so intimidating; I've yet to actually strap it on and leave the house yet! I'm working on the double shoulder harness, and then these guard dogs are goin' for a walk. When it comes to Boker, you can always count on the highest quality for the buck and this blade is no exception. Anyone who owns this blade is happy they got it, and those that haven't yet; they want one. Do it. You'll be smiling happy.

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