Buck Knives Dagger Knife Selection

Buck Knives Dagger Knife Selection
Buck Heritage File Dagger, Buffalo Spacers
$534.99 $790.00
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Buck Knives Carbon Dagger
$399.99 $600.00

An awesome knife with an awesome history.

Being a retired special op captain who trained with Buddhist monks I found this blade practical & precise, but not worth the price

The Italian dagger I ordered and received is of excellent quality. All parts are finely finished, polished, and assembled to make a very attractive and sturdy weapon. I strongly recommend this style of knife for those who demand the best in European weaponry of the middle ages and later periods in history.

By Denis C.

Actually, I purchased two of these beautiful knives. One as a gift and another for myself. The workmanship, material, and the service are remarkable. I truly recommend these outstanding, german made knives to everyone interested in true quality from a company of even more quality in service.

By Denis C.

This knife is a real eye catcher. It is a copy of the Holbein dagger of Swiss history which was copied by the Germans as presentation gifts to various para military and groups such as the Sturm Abtielung SA, and the Shutzstaffel SS during the NSDAP era. These Boker reproduction daggers will not display the NAZI engravings on the blade of the other inserts usually found of the original WW2 issue knives. They are very well made with very high quality materials and workmanship.They are inserted into a very attractive box with all the necessary paperwork. These are excellent choices for the collector and knife enthusiast.

Good display piece . Not sharp .

By Janice W.

Bought this skull dagger for my husband's birthday..he love skulls/ skeletons and knives. It was perfect! I had it engraved to make it even more special! There was a couple small pieces that had chipped off on the back. I contacted them via email and they resolved it quickly and sent me a new base and sent a return label on the box the replacement came in and I sent the damaged part back...replacement base was great. Now he has something to cherish a lifetime!

I use the knife to protect against animal attacks on the street etc I had to take the handle apart and filled it with epoxy then put it back together with serrations at bottom which I'm accustomed to I sharpened the dull edge on the side of the serrations also. I guess it is really for scuba diving, tank tap on the pommel. It is lightweight not substantial. The weight is probably the selling factor if you need a big knife that's lightweight. Boker is a good brand as well.

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