Damascus Knives

The reputation and flair of Damascus knives stretches back over 17 centuries to legends of Damascus blades cutting through a rifle barrel and slicing a strand of hair in two. The modern technique of creating Damascus steel involves forging together multiple layers of steel to create a strong and remarkable blade. At Knife Depot, you can spice up your knife by opting for the distinctive markings of Damascus steel. Our assortment of Damascus knives includes everything from kitchen cutlery and pocket knives to Bowie knives.

Damascus Knives
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Handmade Damascus Steel "Out Back" American Bowie Knife
$119.99 $149.90
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Boker Damast Olive Viii Utility Kitchen Knife
$124.99 $169.88
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Boker Damascus Superior Chef's Knife
$2,349.99 $2,499.00
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This is a nice knife with a keen edge and a balance point just in front of the handle. It will make a decent light duty camp chopper. The sheath leaves much to be desired, however. It's not as sturdy as one would expect for a knife of this heft and does not fit the blade well, which had to be inserted at such an angle as to poke the tip of the blade through the back of the sheath. Good knife, crap sheath. Worth the purchase.

This is an extremely beautiful knife. I bought it to use as a ceremonial blade, I am a Wiccan. The craftsmanship and detail are exquisite. I like the weight of it, the damascened blade, and the sheath is simple, attractive, well made and practical. I am honored to carry such a gorgeous tool. Thank you so much.

Well-shaped knife blank with fairly sharp edge, smooth concave grind, and almost perfect finish. After I finish this knife, I will buy at least one more from this site.

Razor sharp out of the box, very high quality, beautiful appearance, exceeded my expectations!

Good knife. Owned it about 5 years. knife that stays sharp.