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Dark Ops Knives

Dark Ops love to brag about working with top Navy SEALS to design their knives, and they certainly deserve to be proud of the rough-and-tough tactical knives that they've come up with. All of their knives are made from a proprietary hybrid alloy of Chromium, Cobalt, Tungsten, Vanadium and Molybdenum with surgical grade stainless steel. Thanks to that unique blend of metals, their blades are capable to surgical steel-like sharpness without being hampered by the brittleness that is common for hard steels. These knives are made by and for true warriors.

Dark Ops knives have saved many a life, so we want to make sure that you get the one that works best for you. That's why every one of their knives is backed by our unbeatable 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Dark Ops Black Raven - Tiger Shark Finish
$184.99 $264.00
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Dark Ops Black Raven - Reverse Desert Shark Finish
$189.99 $270.00
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Dark Ops Black Raven - Urban Shark Finish
$184.99 $262.00
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Recent Reviews - Dark Ops Knives

By David R.
Dark Ops Vindicator Fixed Blade Knife

Great knife. Everything it was advertised to be. Looking forward to many years of use in the field.

By Daniel H.
Dark Ops StratoFighter Stiletto

Weight, feel, balance and blade make this the best Tactical Emergency Medicine knife that I carry on and off duty.

By Richard S.
Dark Ops Paul Basal Shadow Fixed Blade Knife

Dark OPS Paul Basal is one hell of a great survival knife. After you stop fondling it, try it out in survival mode. The saw on top of the knife rapidly eats away anything you put it to. The blade is incredibly sharp, it has a bottle opener, cable/barb cutter (top rear), can punch through any can,car door,helo skin for rescue, love the full tang blade-1/4" thick,fairly nice handle though I would put one on similar to the Schrade Extreme Ops micarta, nice pommel comes with a very generous sheath, which you can also buy in foliage green. Going out in the woods camping? I would pick this always. A Top knife for combat, survival, rescue.

By Rick D.
Dark Ops Paul Basal Shadow, TiCN

This is a great knife. A kydex would be better.