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The sharpner works great. It puts a hollow ground edge on your knives.

Simple, easy, very sharp knives

By Jim H.
Pocket Sized Knife Sharpener

This seems to be a pretty decent knife sharpener.

It brought a very sharp edge to all our knives for the first time.It is a pleasure to work with in the kitchen. Be aware that if you purchase this sharpener you will instantly have more friends with dull knives to sharpen.

By Shaune D.
DiamondStone Blue Steel Edition Pocket Sized Knife Sharpener

I was a little skeptical on how well this sharpener would work for the price. To my surprise, it work great. I really said, "wow' after I ran my knife through it a few times and saw how quickly it put a great edge on it. The price for this will be a good stocking stuffer for all the hunters in my family.

Brilliant! I heard about them from a friend of mine in the UK (who had just traveled back from the US). Couldn't find any here, so had this one sent over. Have been sharpening everything with an edge since - and it works really well. If I had my time again I would certainly re-purchase.

I have tried other brands in the same price range and this one out performs the others by far.

This is the very best electric knife sharpener that I have had the pleasure of using over the past forty years. It works exceedingly well and without fuss. It is far better than more expensive alternatives. Go ahead - order it now with confidence.