Dive Knife Collection

A dive knife is a crucial accessory for any experienced scuba diver.  Whether you’re cutting line, adjusting your gear or spearing fish, you’ll need to have a reliable dive knife handy.  Our dive knife collection offers a number of stainless steel blades, all of which come with non-stick handles for ultimate traction, as well as sheaths to keep your knife comfortably within arm‘s reach.  Many of the blades in our dive knife collection double as flat-head screwdrivers or other useful tools.

Each dive knife we sell, like all of our products, is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can be confident you’ll get the product that fits your needs.

Dive Knife Collection
Benchmade 111H2O-YEL Dive Knife Folding, Yellow
$114.75 $135.00
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Fox Tekno Sub Stainless Steel Dive Knife
$49.99 $62.76
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Kershaw Knives Amphibian, Kydex Sheath
$49.99 $64.95
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This is a badass little knife! I got it for boating/snorkeling but it is a great hide-out knife as well. The sheath sucks though, too hard to draw. Needs modification, I wouldn't dive with knife/sheath as-is.

Good knife received order on time!

I got this for a gift and when I opened it up, my first thought was how sharp it was. This knife came with a wicked point, and it popped out of the sheath with a little force. For the price, a great buy.

Sharp, hasn't rusted in any fresh water, and case is pretty sturdy.

Perfect fishing knife (with line cutter) at a reasonable price. Great service/prompt delivery

This item will be great for the purpose that I purchased it for.

By Janice C.
Smith & Wesson Bullseye Diver Knife with Yellow Rubber Handle and Blunt tip Black Blade

The quality of the knife was more than expected for the great price. I would recommend this product.

This knife is nicely balanced, slim, and has a good weight. The scabbard is well designed for a number of different carry styles. Removing the handle for cleaning is easy if you have a flat screwdriver or other prying tool. The combination of straight and serrated edges makes it versatile for a variety of tasks, though it's not suited to fine woodworking.