DMT Knife Sharpeners

DMT Knife Sharpeners

Thanks to a killer combination of high manufacturing standards and expert engineering, the sharpening products by DMT are among the best in the world. Your high-performance blades will stay honed and smooth as long as you have a few DMT stones, hones and steels on hand. Even better, DMT's products are all made in the USA.

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Recent Reviews - DMT Knife Sharpeners

This is a good quality whetstone... Gives a very sharp and clean edge.

By Chris B.
DMT Double Sided Dia-Sharp Bench Stone, Extra-Fine / Fine

it works!

By Allen A.
DMT Ceramic Steel

This one was for a present, I bought one for my self in November,when I gave this over he sharpened some knives and a half an hour later through his old stell in the garbage. Good product..

By Allen A.
DMT Ceramic Steel

Couldn't be more pleased I've been running restaurants for years and always used the regular steels and always wanted to use a ceramic one and bought yours after I retired. Nothing but good to say easy to use,holds an edge longer than the regular steel and sharpens very quickly. Service was good and am pleased about the purchase. Thank you

By Graeme T.
DMT Diamond Stone, Coarse, 6 in.

I have to say I have enjoyed my purchase. The diamond stone is easy to use and gives great results when sharpening blunt knives. The coarse grit means there is not a lot of time to be spent in putting a decent edge on the blade. My only adverse remark would be, is that for larger blades, the size (6 in.) is perhaps a bit restricting, however for smaller blades it is definitely a winner.

By Ted L.
DMT Ceramic Steel

The dmt ceramic steel is a high quality item I could not find another steel of this length anywhere but Knife Depot. Being a meat cutter and deer butcher for the last 35 years I need a sharp edge easily applied with minimal wear to the blade with a ceramic steel many of my knives are over 25 years old with constant use.

By Gary K.
DMT Diamond Ceramic Triangle Sharpener, 6 in 1 Tool

This is almost perfect! In my opinion if it were .25 inches wider it would be perfect. On the forward stroke the knife always gets stuck in the seam. But I use this one the second most. It does a very nice job cleaning up!

A few strokes with this steel and you can shave with it.