DiamondStone Electric Knife Sharpener Selection

DiamondStone Electric Knife Sharpener Selection

It works wonderfully, compact and, pleasant in appearance. I've sharpened several blades of different widths and, shapes successfully, the magnetic angle guide is strong enough to hold the knives while the angle notch is perfect for a smooth withdrawal. A+ people..I'd buy it again! Thank you very much.

I was very happy and well satisfied with the knife and have told other's about you and thay have ordered from you also and thay are well satisfied also.

The knife sharpener was a gift. My intention was to provide a sharpener to an inexperienced housewife. It took minimum training for her to be proficient. Now, I can't find a dull knife in her house.

By Greg H.
Chefs Choice 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener with EdgeSelect, Platinum

I love it- gave away all of my diamond homing stones. I still have a hard time thinking that you can control the angle well enough with manual sharpening to achieve what this machine does in short order.

By Les B.
Chefs Choice 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener with EdgeSelect, Platinum

So far so good. I haven't got it to work on thin knives.

I first bought this model about 10 years ago in South Carolina and it has served me well. It was wearing out so I replaced it with the exact same model and it is wonderful to use and the results are excellent.

The sharpner works great. It puts a hollow ground edge on your knives.

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