Ergo Chef Cutlery

Ergo Chef Cutlery

Seeing a lack of ergonomically designed kitchen knives on the market, Ergo Chef's founder, a professional chef, worked closely with engineers and professional chefs to craft the perfect kitchen knives. Their knives are made to reduce strain on the wrist 'thus preventing carpal tunnel and tendonitis issues'and can keep you working long hours without fatigue.

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I warn the reader that I don't know much about knives but the Ergo Chef certainly does set a personal standard. I have never held and used a knife of this quality before. I will keep it forever.

I bought these shears for our competitive BBQ team to take the knuckle bone off of chicken thighs. Works like a dream. Very satisfied with the quality and function.

I have a nice set of quality knives that I have accumulated over the years and wanted somewhere to safely keep them (away from tiny hands). I didn't want to buy an entire set of knives along with it so it took some searching. I am extremely pleased with the light wood appearance as it matches my cabinets and it is heavy duty yet attractive. Plus the price was just right. So happy to find this product.

One of the best knives I have ever used. easy to sharpen and it stays sharp. Well built, slightly stiffer than some but great for cleaning fish.

Best knife I own! I'm going to get another. It just feels right in your hand.

The perfect paring knife. Fits well in your hand and holds a razor sharp edge.

My favorite knife, use it just about exclusively and the edge has held up with minimal sharpening. Love it!

By Joe B.
Ergo Chef 9-Pocket Soft Roll Knife Bag

Pretty good product, lightweight but durable, holds a few knife.

About Ergo Chef

Ergo Chef Cutlery

Like most unique companies, Ergo Chef was founded serendipitously.

Scott Staib wasn'’t supposed to make knives; he was supposed to be a chef. After his training at Johnson & Wales University, Scott set out to rise through the culinary ranks. His first stop was an ultra-swanky country club where he proved his mettle as the saute and grill chef. Next was his gig as sous chef for Aramark Food Service Corporation. He was on the fast track in foodservice when he was sidelined by tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome result of the repetitive motion injuries caused by frequent chopping and slicing. Without a fully-functioning wrist, Staib could not cook his dinner, let alone advance his career. He was not alone.

Scott found that he was not the only chef/—professional or home cook —to suffer from tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. He enrolled his engineer brother, Mike, to help find the solution. They worked closely with designers at the family's design and machining company in New England to examine how a conventional knife fits in a chef'’s hand, the movement of a chef's wrist and hand during chopping and the angle at which a knife hits the cutting board. Together, they crafted a knife that was a true extension of a chef'’s hand.

After just three weeks of using the ergonomically-designed knives, Scott'’s persistent tendinitis and carpal tunnel symptoms disappeared. He created 50 prototypes of the knives and sent them to professional chefs, student chefs and culinary professors across the country. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and Ergo Chef was born.