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ESEE Knives

The ESEE Knives brand comes from an impressive pedigree: formerly known as R.A.T. Cutlery, this brand includes top-of-the-line tactical knives that are beloved by law enforcement and military servicemen and women around the globe. Their knives are perfect for taking on camping, hiking and hunting trips as well. Survival enthusiasts will also find that an ESEE knife makes for an excellent addition to their preparedness kits.

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ESEE-4 Complete Sheath
$58.49 $77.00

Recent Reviews - ESEE Knives

Very nice and great looking coating. The size is perfect for wearing in a frontal area if your a XXL guy like me. Though not intended to be a bottle opener, I found it works for me in that manner when needed.

Very firm, strong, and great bottle opener! I like how it has that sprayed-on truck bed liner look. Wish I had a clip-on leather sheath for it.

Great knife. Truly ''out of the box'' sharp. The knife feels good in your hand with a good balance. I used it in a survival training camp and it really performed great. My only problem with it lies with the sheath, although very tough and holds good, it leaves the handle loose which gets snagged in the bush. I know there is the MOLLY kit to fix this but c'mon guys, at the price this knife goes for, a sheath that prevent the handle from snagging should be standard. Again, as I said for the knife itself, it's just plain awesome!

Very satisfied with the service from Knife Depot. took some time at customs, but they informed me on how things were going when I asked for it. The knife handles perfectly because of it's size, sharpness and weight. The engraving came out as I wanted, thanks for that. So if I would ever need another knife I'll come to you guys for sure!

Although I like the knife I wished the scales were a little wider. They seem a bit thin for my liking. To use a ferro rod you have to remove some of the coating on the spine and sharpen it a bit with a file or rotary tool...I find that the knife was pretty sharp out of the box but needed a little touching up with a fine stone then some stropping. Overall I'm pleased with my purchase.

Fit and finish are nice, I thought they were white by the pics and ended up not using them.

Excellent quality, and I especially like the many different ways it can be carried. makes a great neck knife for its size. overall, a nice addition to my collection.

Great knife out of the box. Love the sheath and the myriad of ways it can be mounted/carried. After I put the final hone on the knife 5 stars.

About ESEE Knives

ESEE Knives

Randall's Adventure and Training is a recognized leader in Latin American jungle survival training and domestic survival training. Randall's Adventure and Training® also produces a quality line of survival gear and field grade cutlery for law enforcement, military applications and outdoor bushcraft under the ESEE brand name. Our knives are made in the USA and backed by a 100 percent "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" warranty against all use and abuse. Currently, our gear is being used worldwide, including the conflict areas of Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Colombia and numerous places in between.

Randall's Adventure and Training manufactured (and continues to fully guarantee) R.A.T. Cutlery knives (RC-3, RC-4, RC-5, RC-6) built from 2007 until 2010. We have changed the name of our company to ESEE Knives. The only thing that has changed is the name. We now market our knives under the ESEE, Izula, and Junglas brand names. Randall's Adventure and Training does not manufacture or warranty RAT knives built by Ontario Knife Company (RAT-3, RAT-5, RAT-7, RTAK, TAK and Model 1 Folder). These knives are manufactured by Ontario Knife Company even though they were designed by Randall's Adventure and Training.