Extrema Ratio Tactical Knives

Extrema Ratio Tactical Knives

The tactical knives of Extrema Ratio are no joke. Their high-performance machetes, kukris, folding knives and fixed blade knives are bad enough to wipe the smile off anyone's face. Made in Prato, Italy, in conjunction with both Italian and global armed forces personnel, these knives are meant to be used in the toughest environments and situations. All of their knives are forged from N690 Cobalt Stainless Steel.

All of the badass Extrema Ratio knives in our catalog are backed with out 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can really bet your life on their quality.

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Extrema Ratio Col Moschin Compact DW
$259.99 $375.00
Free Shipping
Extrema Ratio Medium Folder 2 - Black
$399.99 $586.48
Free Shipping
Extrema Ratio Nemesis Folder - Desert Warfare
$479.99 $706.06
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Truly a nice knife I use it daily it is gem. I will be buying the bigger one next.