Fixed Blade Knives

Daggers, boot knives, hunting knives... there are many types of fixed blade knives and Knife Depot has them all. With the best brands from around the world, you'll find the top quality you're looking for at prices that are hard to beat. Take your time and click through page after page of fixed blade knives. You might have a hard time choosing from such a large inventory. When you've made your selections, check out using our secure server and your fixed blade knives will be shipped right away.

Fixed Blade Knives
Best Seller
Personalized Ka-bar USMC Tactical/Utility Knife w/Leather Sheath
$99.99 $106.76
Free Shipping
Best Seller
Black Widow Bowie Knife
Boker Plus Apparo Fixed Blade Survival Knife
$139.99 $195.95
Free Shipping
Best Seller
Gerber GDC Money Clip
$33.49 $41.26

I was very impressed with the quality and workmanship of this knife. I seriously doubt you can find anything like it in this affordable price range. The balance is perfect and the blade thickness makes it a great work knife for most tasks.

This is a beautiful knife and is very sturdy and well balanced. The sheath is attractive but a little difficult to put the knife back into because of the wrap around style of the strap.

This is one badass blade. If you're looking for something for woodcraft or survival this is a one and all package. No need for hatchet or a regular knife because you have it all in this one unique blade. Would highly recommend this blade for anyone.

Great looking and feel, weight is just right. Large selection of newest knives. Will shop again. Thanks

I really enjoy using the blackbird, it retains a nice sharpness from the box to working chores. I use it as a secondary knife, its simple design fits my large hands and yields it good work ability. A all around strong knife has shown a tendency to make you forget about a bigger knife, great grip and there is always a need for a better sheath. A Every well made manageable knife that has some good thought put into its design, refreshing to use.

I just received my Leroy Bowie knife and I am quite pleased. It is as advertised, big, sharp, and heavy. You can't go wrong for a $50 Schrade knife. I do recommend this if you like big and nasty choppers. I'm also pleased of how quickly it was delivered. I can't wait for my katana to arrive now, I can only hope I feel the same way as I am with my bowie, I'm sure these won't be the only items I get from the Knife Depot.

Wonderful blade with great file work. Blade came very sharp on all cutting edges. The handle color was much too feminine for my taste.

I have used this great knife in every manner I could think of to try and it passed all my uses. It chops well for a knife, it splits wood well, it does bushcraft chores, feather sticks, notches etc. well enough for such a large knife. I even skinned a rabbit just to see if it could, it did but I'll stick to skinning knives. great knife.

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