Condor Tool and Knife Fixed Blade Knives

Condor Tool and Knife Fixed Blade Knives

I got this because of it's size and shape and because of how sharp it is.

If you need a small fixed blade as a general purpose knife, then this is a good one for a great price. I am not impressed with the sheath, it is made of thin cheap leather, mine ripped the first time I used it. I hope Schrade will someday learn to make a good sheath. I would be willing to pay more for a good sheath.

I usually carry two knives,but I thought I needed a fixed carry knife. This knife answers my need as it is of high quality and sharp out of the box. It is easly concealable and quick to pull if needed. Besides the blade looks cool.

I love this little knife and carry it with me everywhere. The materials are great from the carbon fiber scales to the vg-10 steel and so far it has held its edge extremely well.

Great knife and sheath, it's a razor out of the box, clean look, comfortable in almost any grip position, I took one star off only for there only being one clip orientation, I wish they offered a version with the clip on the opposite side, it would match my carrying needs more efficiently

Not too big or too small for most work. Design of grip is great. Seems tough as nails. Comes sharp. Sheath and knife especially well designed for each other; knife snaps securely into sheath, and is removed quickly with a press of the thumb.

I've had this knife for 6 months and it's great only knife I'll buy that's not USA or Germany made

The knife is perfect and exactly as described and extremely sharp. Also it arrived promptly. Good service.

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