Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knives

Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knives

I was very impressed with the sch 111. I was looking for a karambit similar to the dmax at a lower price. This one is very similar and very sturdy, a good quality knife for self defense or general utility purposes. Its easy to put some paracord on the handle if you need a little more cushion to the handle but it is fine without it also. Its a great buy!

The Bucklite max small fixed blade knife, is very comfortable in youre hand, very light weight on youre belt, does not get in the way getting in and out of veichles. Very sharp, stays sharp razer sharp , great for fishing,I carry mine most everyday in summer great utility knife. good knife for beginners or anyone. I might even get the buck lite max large fixed blade.

Very nice works good in hand and very sharp right out of the box.

Nothing but sweet

Arrived very sharp from the box. Looks cool. Sheath holds it tightly. Don't care for the cord for neck use. I plan on replacing it with ball chain like what is on military dog tags. Vertical belt carry works ok. Tried horizontal belt carry. That did not work for me. The knife bit me when I drew it from the sheath as I had to hold the sheath so it wouldn't slide on my belt. It drank my blood so now I truly own it. Like I wrote it is very sharp.

One of the best knives I've ever had the pleasure of owning.

This Knife is Epic! It is the first Cold Steel product I have bought and I am very impressed with the workmanship and the quality of it. It is a solid piece of engineering, it also came with a razor sharp edge. The knife feels very comfortable in hand and I love the balance of it. Also came with a really good quality sheath.

It is a well made stilleto, the shear is very good too. Both items are of good quality, and I would not be afraid to use the knife as a back up weapon

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