Flexcut Woodcarving Tools

Flexcut Woodcarving Tools

Headquartered in Erie, PA, the Flexcut Tool Company began as a custom carving shop and woodcarving school. From the beginning, they've been intimately involved in the woodcarving world, keeping up with the needs of professional and hobby carvers and shaping their toolmaking around them. Fittingly, all of their knives and tools are outfitted with beautifully carved and polished wooden handles, making each of them a work of art in itself.

Not sure where to start? Feel free to ask our knowledgeable customer service team, who can help guide you toward the woodcarving tools or toolkits that you'll need to make your own work of art.

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Recent Reviews - Flexcut Woodcarving Tools

By Janet B.

Great little tools for carving wood for woodcut printing.

Super excellent. The steel is amazingly hard. Retains an edge with a lot of punishment. Has the flexibility that matches the steel hardness. Fits well in my hand. I have used other FlexCut products and had high expectations for this set. It met and exceeded all of my expectations. Would like to know if anyone can find a better product.

A good all round serious carving tool. Nicely engineered, quality product - very sharp cutting edges and ready to use.

I ordered this knife for my husband. He loves it he uses it all the time. The shipping was great and the customer service was very helpful. Would order again. Thanks knife depot

My husband and I love our Flexcut 4 blade pocket Jacks great Christmas gifts from us to us!