Case Cutlery Single Blade Folding Knives

Case Cutlery Single Blade Folding Knives
Case Cutlery XX-Changer Amber Gut Hook Gift Set
$129.99 $175.36
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Case Cutlery Abalone Lockback
$119.99 $158.58
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Case Cutlery Amber bone Trapperlock w/Belt Clip
$107.99 $138.60
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Case Cutlery - XX Changer Gift Tin
$109.99 $146.38
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Case Cutlery Smooth Chestnut Bone Trapperlock
$107.99 $140.58
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Truly outstanding quality and workmanship.

Got a call from my daughters friend at 11 pm. Her and my daughter were hiking a couple of miles off a trail following a river. My daughter slipped and dislocated her knee. I rushed out of the house to go rescue her. I was in a hurry but I did grab some 550 cord, an old military blanket and my buck 110. It took a couple of hours to get to her. When we found her it was obvious that her knee was dislocated and she couldn't walk out on her own. I used the Buck knife to chop up some saplings and larger branches and made a make shift splint. We tied it up with the 550 cord and laid her in the blanket and carried her to the trail head then off to the hospital. I could have grabbed any knife but chose the Buck as I was confident it could be relied upon

Best knife I've ever owned. Smooth action and excellent workmanship.

This is an economical, medium sized knife that is well balanced and durable. I am very pleased with the build quality and functionality It is a fine knife to add to my collection. . .

This is an economical, medium sized knife that is well balanced and functional. It holds a fine edge and is obviously very serviceable. I am pleased with the purchase.

This is an economical, medium sized knife that is well balanced and functional. I am very pleased with the quality.

This is an economical, medium sized knife that is well balanced and functional. It was purchased as a gift.

Great quality knife. Glad to add it to my collection.

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