Gerber Knife & Multi-Tool Selection

Gerber Knife & Multi-Tool Selection

When it comes to choosing a Bowie, utility, or pocket knife, a Gerber knife should be at the top of your list. Precision engineered from high-carbon steel for life-long durability and strength, any Gerber knife you choose offers the same quality construction the military has relied on for years. In addition to superior craftsmanship, Gerber's patented Roto-Lock system assures your new knife will never accidentally close or collapse. With features like these, there is no wonder a Gerber multi-tool or knife is a highly prized possession among collectors. Not sure which Gerber knife is right for you? Pick up the phone and one of Knife Depot's knowledgeable staff will answer all your knife-buying questions. Great service and fast shipping make Knife Depot the best choice when you're buying a Gerber knife.

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This is one of the best 4 inch folders for the money. I really like the Gerber quality that is paired with a razor sharp tanto-point with a full size combo edge I find that I wind up buying 2 or 3 at a time and giving them away to my family and friends as gifts.

The Gerber Ultralight knife is a quality knife.It's compact yet has just the right blade size for many tasks.I am constantly using it from opening mail to opening packages.The Gerber Warranty is also very good.

By Mac M.
Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife, Coyote Rubber Handle, Black ComboEdge w/Sheath

20 year US Army Attack Helicopter Pilot, yes I am familiar with and love most Gerber knifes........ I still have my Gerber BMF ! First let me say I really like dealing with the Knife Depot. Orders are quick to process and ship, great prices, frequent discounts and a badass knife of the week ! I bought 1 Gerber Strong Arm in black with a partial serrated edge . Gerber has hit the mark with this one, fit, finish and price! Awesome fixed blade with a military style sheath ready to clip on to any of your gear. I most recently bought a second for my son in law to be, a US Marine in the coyote tan,color and had it engraved with his name rank and USMC for his most recent promotion, what a great gift, what a great knife.

Fantastic! Could be the perfect knife.

I have owned my 06 Fast Folder Tanto for a couple of months. I have a very nice collection of tanto Folders, but the Gerber is my favorite and also my daily carry > It is extremely sharp as I used my Japanese stones on it a bit. It is tough, and quick and very well made ~

By Brian L.
Gerber Legend 800 Multi-Plier, Clam Pack

I have had this multi tool 800 Gerber for over 15 years I wear every day and use every best tool on planet

one of the best made knives of this type I have ever owned.

As a folding knife goes, reliability is a main feature in a folding knife. You need to rely on the fact the knife will close ONLY when you want it to. The Ripstop II is very lightweight, easy to clean(and easy to tell when dirty) and has a slightly larger blade & serrations then the Ripstop I. But they both share the fact that in gripping the knife, it's possible to accidentally close it while using it. In handing the knife to a friend, I always make sure to show them the framelock & how easy it is to disengage. Since then, the knives(I bought 10 of them as gifts) have been relegated to permanent duty in my first-aid kits/BOBs so that I'm the only one who'll use them. Other then that, they're great in the fact they need little maintenance & keep a reasonable edge.

About Gerber

Gerber Knife & Multi-Tool Selection

In 1939 Joseph Gerber hired a local knife maker to build 25 sets of kitchen cutlery to be given as Christmas gifts. The knives were so popular that Joseph Gerber left his advertising agency to start Gerber Legendary Blades®. The unique style and high quality manufacturing of Gerber cutlery soon developed wide spread acclaim. In fact, Gerber Legendary Blades are the only cutlery on display in New York’s famous Museum of Modern Art.

From very early on, Gerber collaborated with top knife designers, setting a standard of quality for everyone else to follow. Renowned designers such as Al Mar, Bob Loveless, Paul Poehlmann, "Blackie" Collins, William Harsey Jr. and Ernest Emerson have all designed knives for Gerber. In 2002 this tradition continued as Gerber released the Silver Trident™, designed by Chief James "Patches" Watson (U.S.N. Ret.) and Bill Harsey Jr.

Today, Gerber continues to design and manufacture unique, high quality outdoor recreation products. In 2003 we are proud to introduce the next generation of multi-tools: the Recoil™ Auto-Plier. By constantly utilizing new technology and innovative design to develop new products, Gerber continues to be an industry leader.