Ginsu Knife Selection

Ginsu Knife Selection

Though best known for its late-night infomercials back in the day, Ginsu has quietly become one of the best manufacturers of kitchen knife sets. To put it bluntly, Ginsu is no joke. Its knife sets consistently get high marks from places like Consumer Reports for offering as much value and quality as other brands but at a fraction of the cost. Ginsu is a name you can be proud to see in your kitchen.

And, with Knife Depot's 60-day, money-back guarantee on all items in stock, you can buy your Ginsu knives with confidence.

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Love the knife. Classic Ginsu that delivers as promised. Sharp. Easy to handle. No complaints. I had the kids cut through ten or eleven tin cans after we watched the classic infomercial on the internet and it still cuts through a tomato with a clean finish. I have not yet cut through a lead pipe but I am confident this knife can handle it and still hold the edge. The packaging says sharpness is guaranteed or return it for replacement-I doubt I will ever need to do it. Only improvement would be if it were made in USA. Four stars for overseas manufacture.

great knife it is used all the time extremely good to slice meat excellent all around chefs knife

The cutting board and knife are in great condition! I ordered 25 units to give out as closing gifts (I am a real estate agent). People love them, and Knife Depot gave me bulk pricing and free engraving with my name, number, and logo. I would definitely recommend these!

I've had one of these knives for 30 years and it still cuts well, and has never been sharpened, but it could use a good sharpening to bring it back to it's top performance.

Excellent performance and product. No difficulty slicing tomatoes, bread, or any food. Knife Depot gave outstanding customer service.

Excellent performance. Very pleased. Knife Depot gave outstanding customer service.

I had used my daughters knife on one occasion and found it amazing in completing the job I was doing. The knife is so sharp and has cut through everything I have used it on . We eat a lot of corn on the cob in the summer and I cook it in the microwave and,cut the fat end off and just shake the corn out and this knife is the only one I have that will cut through the large end of a piece of sweet corn, I also bought one for a friend because I was so impressed with the knife.

By Delores K.
Ginsu 2 Pc, Chikara Santoku & Paring Knife

Fits well in hand and cuts smoothly.

About Ginsu

Ginsu Knife Selection

Several decades ago a knife was created that is to this day known as the

"Sharpest Knife on the Market". It was the Ginsu knife. Ginsu knives are a

symbol of ancient Japanese traditions. The Samurai sword is renowned for being

sharp enough to cut through anything. Ginsu knives were created to reflect that

same quality, in craftsmanship and sharpness with Japanese stainless steel that

will still cut through anything. The quality of Ginsu knives is not only known

and respected by consumers, but also by all other premium knife brands. Bring

home the quality and sharpness of Ginsu cutlery today.