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By Don M.
Grohmann Knives Original Design Knife with Black Linen Micarta Handle and Leather Sheath

Beautiful knife. Excellent workmanship, top notch materials. Could use a bigger belt loop on the sheath to mount on a wider belt.

By Albert K.
Grohmann Knives Buffalo Horn Orig. Design w/ Flat Ground

An outdoorsman's knife. It's very well balanced, and fits in your hand beautifully. The odd Handle and blade shape simply 'click' into your hand like an actual extension. Was able to put a very sharp edge on it with a little bit of work, and could easily shave hair off the arm. The buffalo horn is by far the nicest handle option. It's a little smaller than expected, but will probably purchase the 'Survivor' size Grohmann to pair with it and cover any outdoor need that crops up.

By Howard B.
Grohmann Knives Fillet Knife w Leather Sheath 5"

I bought the knife for filleting saltwater Sheepshead. I have not had an opportunity to use it for this purpose yet. The 5 inch blade is not ideal for filleting bluegill but does a good job of removing the skin. A beautiful knife, love the rosewood handle. Excellent craftsmanship!!