Gut Hook Knife Selection

Gut Hook Knife Selection

Whether you're hunting trophies or food, a quality gut hook knife is a must. When it's time to skin an animal, you don't want to fight with a dull, useless blade. Before you load your truck or shoulder your rifle, make sure you're equipped with a high-quality gut hook knife from Knife Depot. Make short work of skinning, and get back in the hunt faster when you use the right gut hook for the job. When it comes to choosing a gut hook knife, you'll find plenty of options in our vast selection. Best of all, superior customer service reps are available to answer all your questions. Buy all your gut hook knives at Knife Depot, and see the difference quality and service can make in your next hunting trip.

Black Fox Guthook Knife
$46.99 $60.36
Silver Stag Big Gamer Elk Series Gut Hook Knife
$116.25 $146.00
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Silver Stag Guthook Knife
$87.49 $108.00
Free Shipping
Silver Stag Guthook 4.5"
$116.25 $148.00
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I have taken well over a hundred deer in my lifetime not to mention many elk and antelope too. This Buck field dressing kit is far and away the best assortment of tools i have ever used to get the job done. From the sleek case it comes in to the precision of each knife this set needs no tweaking. I highly recommend it and have given many sets out to my friends who all enjoy them as much as i do!

I have one and it has performed perfectly. This knife gets the job done quick and really holds an edge. I just want a clear answer on the type of stainless you guys are using because I have very minor but obvious corrosion. I work in a metallurgical lab so I will know what it is if you tell me. I could EDS the piece but I just want to know what coating or oil I can use to make it not oxidize by just sitting after I buff it.

Christmas present,well made and beautiful

My hand slid several times because of blood and slippery handle. Blade did a great job and knife did exactly what it designed to do but you may want design for no slip.

This is a beautiful knife, one of six Damascus knives I recently purchased as gifts. All but one were made by the same people and all where beautiful. It fits great in the palm, finger hole is perfectly positioned. Came well oiled. Wooden handle is smooth and has a beautiful grain. Recipient absolutely loved it.

Quality knife, well balanced, not to bulky. Meets all my expectations.

Zipper , is a great name for this knife. Buck sharpens both sides of the gut blade, and it does indeed, open deer up like a zipper. The knife takes, and holds a razor edge, (I also own and operate a Buck diamond sharpener) I use this one for field cleaning, and skinning, and a Buck Vangard(same knife, minus the gut hook) along with a Buck 102, 112, or 110 for processing my deer. (I love Buck knives, and own a bunch of them)