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Hibben Knives

Gil Hibben groupies, rejoice! If you don't already know about him, you'll fall in love with Hibben's work the second you lay eyes on the masterwork fixed blade knives, throwers and collector's knives in our catalog. Collected by the likes of Elvis Presley, John Wayne and Sylvester Stallone, his knives are unmatched in their level of workmanship and design quality.

Take your time browsing our collection; if you need any assistance with choosing a knife, definitely take advantage of our cutting-edge customer service squad, who are always standing by to help you decide.

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Good Intro, but adding a little of my own style.

Knives are good quality.

i love all my knife

Nicely balanced. Worth the money.

These knives are great! They look good, they are balanced and travel nicely to the target. They also have enough weight to them that when they hit, they hit hard. If I was to say anything bad about them, it wouldn't be about the knives. I feel that United Cutlery could have gotten a more modern style sheath for such a good knife. Something that could be possibly mounted to a Molle Plate Carrier vest. They only come with some sheath that can be mounted on a dress belt, the loop isn't even large enough to go over a tactical pistol belt. But other than that, you will not be disappointed in these knives, they are worth every penny.

I'm new to throwing knives so I can't give an expert review, but I know knives and these seem to be good quality and the more I throw them the better I'm getting at making them stick in the target so they seem good.

A beautiful knife, sharp from the box and a good weight for all the usual tasks. The only issue is the handguard which was slightly loose but soon rectified thus giving it 4 stars rather than 5.

I think the design of both the axe and sheath are very nice. They both seem to be durable with lasting functionality.