Hunting Knife Collection

Plunge fearlessly into the great outdoors with a new hunting knife from our collection.  Whether you’re sniping deer, blasting rabbits or reeling in bass, a hunting knife is a functional tool you’ll need by your side.  Our hunting knife collection features fixed-blade knives and folding knives, as well as knives from top-quality brands like Boker, Schrade, Buck Knives and more.

Every product in our hunting knife selection comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Hunting Knife Collection
Cold Steel Knives - Trail Master San Mai III
$349.99 $469.99
Free Shipping
Boker Arbolito Nicker Bird and Trout Knife
$104.99 $143.46
Free Shipping

I got this knife as a birthday present off my brother in law really comfortable feel the blade is sharp and the compass is good. The sheath is ok but could of been better and the blade could of been made stronger and thicker

By Sam S.
Custom Handmade Authentic Wood Handle Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

Bought it for wife's use on the trail. It is a work of art.

Great knife, strong blade , my main knife. The leather sheath is a1 and this knife comes in the box super sharp, ridiculously sharp. Very sturdy knife and very comfortable in my hand but its is a little slippery.

I am extremely pleased with this knife. The engraving was perfect, not too big or too small. Loved it so much I shall probably end up getting another for a friend.

In November of 2014 I did extensive research on fixed blade knives and eventually ordered one. The knife arrived just as promised and was in very good condition, Unfortunately, I decided that I had made an error and wished an exchange. Inquiry told me exactly how to do this and I ordered another featured knife. This second knife arrived as promised and in perfect condition. I was so pleased that I decided to keep both as Christmas gifts.

I definitely am no authority on knives, but I wanted to get a good knife with which I could field dress and skin deer. I read some reviews, and the Fallkniven H1z seemed to fit my needs although I had no idea it had a convex blade. I also never knew it required a strop to sharpen it. Remember, I said I am not an authority on knives. I have used it to skin one deer. Like every knife I've ever used to skin a deer, it definitely was dull after I was finished. I bought a strop and compound, and I was able to get it sharp fairly easily. Some other reviews I've read prefer the older model Fallkniven (F1?), but I really like this knife. It is balanced well and does the job. It was fun for me to learn how to sharpen a convex blade, especially since I was able to do it successfully. I wish I knew more about knives so I could give a more-informed review, but I am very satisfied with this knife.

Nice knife well made but I wish it was fully hallow ground, also I do not think the handle is desert ironwood.

Knife feels great in my hand, worth the money, nice finish.

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