Schrade Hunting Knife Collection

Schrade Hunting Knife Collection

I have used this great knife in every manner I could think of to try and it passed all my uses. It chops well for a knife, it splits wood well, it does bushcraft chores, feather sticks, notches etc. well enough for such a large knife. I even skinned a rabbit just to see if it could, it did but I'll stick to skinning knives. great knife.

This knife was everything I was hoping it would be. Have several of these Puma Stag series knives as I feel the quality and craftsmanship is second to none. Susan, who I dealt with over the phone was more than helpful and informative and just a pleasure to deal with. I will order from them again and highly recommend them to anyone looking for any type of Culinary product!!

Very impressive knife to handle. Looks great and I can't wait to use it Small item to consider is the finger hole is well machined but could use some rounding on the edges for comfort.

What a beast!! The steel is very thick (more than I expected) Comfortable grip with zero hot spots! Also very well balanced.The choil is a nice addition. The jimping is perfect, not too aggressive (although, I think some on the grip, like the SCHF36, might help to improve with chopping) Very sharp spine that throws a good spark. The included ferro rod is "better than nothing" And the knife sharpener would be sufficient for field sharpening. I think this knife would be good for medium duty work, but would be great for making fire sticks. If needed a VERY solid "one knife" option! Cons: I think the sheath is kind of shoddy. Would have liked a little more "heavy weight" nylon, possibly kydex. Would be nice if the knife sat a little lower in the sheath as well. Also no other carry options (I do like the ability to take the knife on/off your belt while not removing your belt) I have noticed a significant "rattle" when the knife is in the sheath, but I doubt the knife will come out. The coating on the spine might receive some minor damage from a ferro rod. The only significant "hot spot" I have found is the choil. The factory left the edges around the choil just as "sharp" as the spine (yup you can throw sparks there too) Overall a fantastic knife. Definitely worth the price of admission. I have no doubt that if ever in a situation where I needed to rely on a knife for survival this knife would NOT fail!

The 51 & 52 are excellent in their design and manufactured with the outdoorsman's comfort and ease of use in mind. I highly recommend these knives to anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

1/4" thick knife, full tang. Very sturdy knife, very sharp right out of the box. The sharpener will wear out after a few passes.

This knife is everything I expected it to be. It works great in the field. Very pleased with my purchase and Knife Depot.

Very impressive hunk of metal. Excellent knife for batoning and light chopping. It comes with a mediocre nylon sheath a diamond sharpening stone and a small ferro rod...I'm very happy with this purchase.

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