Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives

Quality hunting knives are an essential part of any outdoorsman's gear, and Knife Depot offers the top brands available. Whether you're searching for a classic straight-blade knife, a curved-blade skinning knife, or even a gut hook, Knife Depot has one of the best selections of hunting knives online today.

Every knife you buy is backed by our 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee so regardless of the season, you can be confident you'll get just the knife you need. Click through our online catalog or head over to our guide to learn more about finding the best hunting knife.

Great knife and a beautiful addition to my collection. Knife Depot has become my go-to place when looking to expand my collection. Keep up the great work.

Ordered the 75th anniversary edition to add to my fixed blade collection, beautiful knife, solid, comfortable in your hand, comes with a good edge and a well constructed sheath, rugged enough for daily use or keep for display, highly recommend this piece.

nice knife---just right size for my intended purpose. Good quality

This is truly a beautiful knife and should be a collectors item. I gave it as a gift.

Great Knife and shipped on time.

I bought this knife for myself and as usual with Boker knives they are very sharp and well made, I will buy more for from Knife Depot for gifts for my friends

The edge comes sharp from the box but it is way too steep to do actual work with. The steel quality is way above what you pay for it. So I fixed the edge and used the heck out of it. Simply amazing. Holds its edge very long and splitting branches for dry fire wood don't damage it at all. Make some feathers and the ferro Rod that comes with it throws more sparks than I expected it to. I got e leather sheath because I thought it would have a Velcro retention strap. The new ones come with a snap, so now I have two good sheaths for it. It would be a solid 5 if the edge came less steep but it is what it is. Fix the edge so you can use it and then use the heck out of it and don't worry about it. Sharpens back up quick. It's easy on the hands, easy to carry and does work you wouldn't think of doing with other knives the same size that are thinner. Get it, fix the edge and use it. The black finish wears off quick though, don't care because no finish lasts long for me.

This knife is the best in budget knives, because you get a high quality knife for a low price. Although it was nice to get a ferro rod, it doesn't light as well as other fire starters. Also the threads on the sheath started to unravel. Not a big problem because it keeps you and the knife protected, just wish it was threaded better. This is still a very good knife and you wouldn't buy it just for the ferro rod or a top of the line sheath anyway. Awesome knife!!!!

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