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JB Outman specializes in manufacturing quality knives at affordable prices. At such low price points, JB Outman allows users to try out a variety of different styles of knives, including everything from karambits and assisted openers to slipjoints and survival gear.

All products from JB Outman are backed by Knife Depot's 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you never have to feel unsure about your purchase.

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Great little liner locker. Has some heft and feels sturdy in the hand. Smooth movement and locks securely. Great sharp edge. Slices cleanly thru paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric, even worked for pruning houseplants and cutting rope. The laser etching is clean and clear, and has not shown signs of wear at all yet. Very happy with this knife.

Good daily carry knife. Small enough for pockets with your keys. Good edge right out of the box.

I bought this knife to keep in my pocket when gardening. I like to use it to pick and trim vegetables when I'm picking and never seem to have a knife where I am. This is a perfect solution. I also like how it locks open, not a danger of it accidently closing.

By Rj T.
JB Outman Assisted Opening Knife with Glass Breaker & Strap Cutter

I am in love with this blade. It is reliable and sturdy. The other day I was hit by a car, the side that I was hit held the knife. Most blades should have been broken by the impact and then lodge themselves into my leg. This wasn't the case with the JB Outman blade. It took the hit with ease.

By Bill O.
JB Outman Black Skeleton Handle Linerlock

Nice product for the price point. Would like to have a belt clip, but it is a nice pocket knife. Great service, Fast delivery.

The knife is fantastic!!! Thank you for making awesome products