Ka-Bar Knives

Ka-Bar Knives

The legend of how Ka-Bar knives were named tells of a fur trapper who used his knife to kill a bear when his gun jammed. His handwriting was so horrible, all that could be deciphered was "k a bar," which later became the company's trademark. Whatever your purpose for buying a new Ka-Bar knife, you'll discover just what you're looking for among the huge selection at Knife Depot.

From pistol bayonets to military-spec tactical knives, they're all backed by our outstanding customer service and 60-day, money-back guarantee. And while we sincerely hope you never have to kill a bear with your Ka-Bar knife, isn't it nice to know you can?

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Personalized Ka-bar USMC Tactical/Utility Knife w/Leather Sheath
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I like this knife a lot.can carry it around with no sweat.the handle take a little to gets used to.but doesn't brother anyone when sitting in a chair or car.

Been wearing this knife for a couple of months. The handle makes it different to use, but don't get in way while sitting, holds a pretty good edge. All in all pretty good knife.

Love my new "Army" KaBar knife! It seems to be very sharp, and feels great in the hand. This Fall it will be put to hard usage. The Knife Depot staff were outstanding in helping me get this knife!

This KA-BAR US Army is a great knife at a great price. Solid and will do all camp chores and clean any game! It hold an edge and is easily sharpened. The leather sheath is quality leather and is a long lasting piece of necessary equipment.

Extremely happy with this KABAR!! Will definitely be purchasing more knives made by KABAR. Also extremely happy with Knife Depot, all my knives will be bought from them here on out.

I could not be any more pleased with this knife, it is hands down number 1 in my collection. Probably the sharpest knife I've ever bought, I literally shaved with it and it only took one stroke across my skin to take the hair off. Be extremely careful when handling this knife folks, it's that damn sharp!

Seriously sharp. handle could be slippery in wet conditions. Very Happy with purchase !

Very curved, very heavy and comes with a great sheath plus a small knife. This is a serious knife made for social occasions, but don't worry about the green scales, it comes with extra scales that are black. I can't say enough about this but GREAT!

About Ka-bar Knives

Ka-Bar Knives

Making a quality KA-BAR product requires the talent of experienced craftspeople performing dozens of processes with precision and skill. Each knife undergoes specific manufacturing processes to ensure corrosion resistance, strength, edge holding ability, and an out-of-the-box razor sharp cutting edge.

Soon after its introduction in the mid-1920's, the KA-BAR trademark became widely known and respected. There have been many versions of how the KA-BAR name came to be, but all evidence points to a letter received from a fur trapper. This particular fur trapper's testimonial turned out to be the most significant ever received by the company.

He wrote, in very rough English, that his gun had jammed and that he had therefore relied on his knife to kill a wounded bear that was attacking him. In thanking the company for their quality product the trapper described using his knife to kill the bear. All that was legible of his scrawled writing was "k a bar". The company was so honored by this testimonial that they adopted this phrase and used it as their trademark, KA-BAR.