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Kanetsune Knives

The light and well-balanced knives of the Kanetsune brand represent the best of modern Japanese knifemaking. The quality of their steel, which ranges from high carbon steel to hand-hammered Damascus steel, is the result of hundreds of years of development. Kanetsune's fine chef's knives, fixed blade knives, and field knives are top-of-the-line; you won't regret investing in one of their blades.

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Kanetsune Magnolia Yanagiba 300mm Chef Knife
$364.99 $531.00
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Recent Reviews - Kanetsune Knives

this knife is a work of art and a working tool . it is now my favorite kitchen knjfe

The rust comes right off with Kanetsune. Haven't used anything that works so easy.

Made a very nice gift to replace a Cherrywood knife and sheath that was stolen.

Great knife, I feel the sheath could be better though.

By Steve N.
Kanetsune Sakura KB201 Cherry Tree Skin and Oak Fixed Blade Knife with Wood Sheath

This knife is just freaking cool. the craftsmanship is top notch. You will not be disappointed.

By Favre Victoire J.
Kanetsune Gyuto Hammered Sandvic Nickel Damascus Chef Knife

I didn't find the same knife, your picture was different, but still good knife easy to use and nice and sharp blade.

By John S.
Kanetsune Kage KB-215 Tanto Knife with Sheath

This is the baddest knife ever!

By Larry K.
Kanetsune Shou, Oak Wood Handle, Plain Edge Fixed Blade Knife

Japanese knives are always 5 stars. The problem is the cost. This knife is well-worth it though. Japanese knives can be a little "clunky". This one is not. The Shou is amazingly light and well-balanced. I am not wild for wooden sheaths-- are you supposed to make a fire out them in an emergency? This sheath is better than most, at least not feeling like you are carrying a log on your belt.