Karambit Knives

If you're looking to spice up your knife collection, few knives are more exotic than the karambit. The small, curved tool is an ancient pocket knife that has transformed into a modern utility tool perfect for activities like hunting, fishing, home repair, construction and more. With the shape of a tiger's claw and a ring at the bottom of its handle, the karambit enables different carrying techniques for various uses to maximize your productivity and style. Our collection runs the gamut, including folding and fixed blade karambits, assisted openers, partial karambits and more.

Karambit Knives
Mantis Cinq I Karambit
$38.99 $45.00
Evis I karambit
$54.99 $70.00
Fox G10 Folding Karambit Knife
$129.99 $151.99
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Out of Stock
Fox Karambit Aluminum Folding Knife
$129.99 $142.99
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The knife is nice and well balanced for its size, but the sheath is a bit too tight on the blade for a comfortable draw... I am hoping I can loosen it a bit with a little heat...

A little heavy but very sharp nice in the hand

Well made & feels good in the hand.

Great little karambit. Love this knife.

We enjoy them great for display and to play around with every once in awhile.

As usual, it was exactly as advertised. The shipping was prompt.

I was looking for a solid piece, which is hard to find in a folding blade. It has a clean, ergonomic handle that makes it a pleasure to try grips both ways. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a serious blade, no flash but all business