Karambit Knives

Karambit Knives

If you're looking to spice up your knife collection, few knives are more exotic than the karambit. The small, curved tool is an ancient pocket knife that has transformed into a modern utility tool perfect for activities like hunting, fishing, home repair, construction and more. With the shape of a tiger's claw and a ring at the bottom of its handle, the karambit enables different carrying techniques for various uses to maximize your productivity and style. Our collection runs the gamut, including folding and fixed blade karambits, assisted openers, partial karambits and more.

Mantis MK-FS Evis 1 Karambit
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MTech USA MT-664SL Neck Knife
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Mantis MKF-B Mr. Smith Fixed Karambit
$52.99 $70.70
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Love it

The knives I bought were very nice, The shipping time was incredible and I was very happy with the items I ordered.

The ease of opening the knife is a small detriment. I have had a problem with the knife opening in my pocket. That of course is a big negative due to the very functional extreme beak and fantastic sharpness of the blade. I like the color and functionality 5 stars there. But the danger to me with an open very effective blade in my pocket gives me a safety concern. I see the ease of opening the knife as a good thought and very effective design but the end result is cause for concern.

Very pleased with the karambit however the belt loop for the sheath broke after a few uses. However the entire sheath was replaced free of charge. I was only expecting a belt loop. Company is very easy to deal with. Not my first purchase nor will it be my last.

I gave it 3 stars for a couple of reasons. I gave it 1 more star than I felt it deserved, due to blame I put on me, not seeing the flaw from the picture. The #! flaw is... the way the clip holds the knife in your pocket... the ring is at the very bottom. The main reason I wanted to go to the Karambit, was the easy of drawing the the knife with the ring, in a self defense situation. I am limited in mobility, so I really thought that the ring would help me draw easierthan trying to pinch a knife to get it out of my pocket. With this configuration, one step becomes two. You have to draw the knife and then flip the knife 180 degrees, to obtain the best grip. Major flaw in my opinion. The 2nd flaw, which I fixed, is that the spring clip is so tight that you have to tug and tug to get it out of your pocket. I eventually bent it out just enough to make it function as it should. The knife quality is worth the price. Well constructed considering. But the 1st flaw makes it hard for me to recommend to others.

Wonderful combination of technologies, Balisong handle and Karambit blade. The knife is a mechanical marvel and so very perfect for self defense. Very hard to take away from the wielder, which is why I purchased it. It is for self defense for a female who wanted a knife, but something another could not easily get away from them. This thing can be used in so many ways from controlling another's limb to pretty instant lethality.

Nice knife, incredibly light, but it had no sheath so I can't carry it. So it basically is.....just there.