Kershaw Knife Selection

Kershaw Knife Selection

Once you've used a Kershaw knife, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Kershaw's high-quality standards and quest for excellence means every knife is made by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials. Whether you use your Kershaw knife in the kitchen, while boating, or as a handy tool you carry in your pocket, you'll have the famous Kershaw lifetime guarantee to back you.

What's more, Knife Depot adds to your level of satisfaction by adding our own 60-day, money-back guarantee to the mix. That's a combination you can't ignore. Knife Depot's extensive selection of Kershaw knives means you'll easily find exactly what you're looking for, whether you need a pocket knife, a kitchen knife, or something for the outdoorsman in your life. Our warehouse stocks thousands of top-quality knives of all types so you know your order will be quick to arrive.

If you're interested in learning more about the renowned brand, including its history, innovations, iconic knives, and more, check out our Kershaw Knives Brand Highlight.

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A wonderful knife. I keep it on the end table by my chair, and my wife and I use it a dozen times a day. I holds its edge.

Great knife, great engraving, happy with the products and this company. FedEx had a real hard time delivering the package. They had it over a week, I finally had to pick it up myself locally. UPS has never had a problem finding the address. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

Love it- but I loved my old one that was lost- this is SS and nicer looking. Super knife and USA made

I ordered this knife knowing that Kershaw made excellent blades. I was looking for a functional EDC knife that was easy on my wallet and had a slim design. This knife exceeds all of my expectations. It is razor sharp, has an excellent slim profile for easy carry in a pocket, is a breeze to open one handed, and has a sleek look. I highly recommend this knife for anyone who is looking for a small carry knife of good quality at a great price!

Wow just wow comes sharp out of the box and stays that way for a long time. It kept an edge while cutting fiberglass insulation. When time comes to sharpen it again it's pretty easy and can be made scary sharp. It is one damn good knife

Outstanding knife and one of my personal favorites. For anyone who doesn't know knives or about the specifics of this knife, READ THE INFORMATION THOROUGHLY, so that you don't write a Noob Review complaining that the knife catches on your pocket and opens up every time you pull it out. IT IS A VERY SPECIFIC DESIGN FEATURE (as clearly annotated in the knife description, even if you don't know anything about this feature on knives)!!!! The beauty of that to a Military Veteran, like myself, is that this knife is open and ready to use. In terms of having a blade on my person for self defense or even something like cutting myself free from an entanglement (e.g. seatbelt in a car accident, etc), this is the perfect feature. You don't always have two hands free to open some blades, and sometimes you need the blade open and ready as fast as possible. While this is not a combat knife, it is a knife that you can carry in public and use for any purpose, including self defense. Please understand what you're buying before you buy it AND ESPECIALLY BEFORE YOU RATE IT. Some people might not like the heft of this knife, but one thing is for sure, it gets the job done and NEVER feels like it's cheap, flimsy and apt to break with even the lightest of use! This is truly a 5-star knife... DESIGNED TO OPEN WHEN PULLED OUT OF THE POCKET!!!!

Got this for my 18th birthday. Solid knife. Super clean and I love the feel of it. Came with a nice sharp edge. Lightweight but still very sturdy. Next to the Smith and Wesson first response, this could be my new favorite.