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Once you've used a Kershaw knife, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Kershaw's high-quality standards and quest for excellence means every knife is made by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials. Whether you use your Kershaw knife in the kitchen, while boating, or as a handy tool you carry in your pocket, you'll have the famous Kershaw lifetime guarantee to back you.

What's more, Knife Depot adds to your level of satisfaction by adding our own 60-day, money-back guarantee to the mix. That's a combination you can't ignore. Knife Depot's extensive selection of Kershaw knives means you'll easily find exactly what you're looking for, whether you need a pocket knife, a kitchen knife, or something for the outdoorsman in your life. Our warehouse stocks thousands of top-quality knives of all types so you know your order will be quick to arrive.

If you're interested in learning more about the renowned brand, including its history, innovations, iconic knives, and more, check out our Kershaw Knives Brand Highlight.

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Great knife. It opens easy and closes easy. It's light weight and offers a good grip. I really like the G-10 handle. Its got a good sharp Kershaw drop point blade. What else do you need in a pocket knife?

Good solid knife. Holds a good edge. I carry this knife every day. I think every one should have this knife. Easy to open with 1 hand. It's still going strong after a year of hard work. I'm going to buy another one not because I need a new one my old works as good as the day I got it. But if I was to loose it I don't think I could function with out it.

great little knife small and fits in my pocket w/o me rally knowing it's there. sharp as can be right out of the box. have had a few small pocket knives over the years and I truely like this the best of them all.

Great little knife, a hair bigger.

Holds it's edge very well, sharpens back up very nicely. Speed safe function is awesome!

Bought this knife a decade ago (possible?) or so and am as happy with it as ever . It is often in my pocket despite a number of other choices. I dropped a star for the steel which in mine was nicked and is just now sharpening out. I generally wear a size L glove and this knife is easily one handable but is not a load in my pocket. I would prefer the handle be in a more visible color for recovery when dropped( which has happened). Know I paid more for it back then so at these prices this is a very good buy for a very good, functional design.

Love my Kershaw! Always a fast and easy transaction at Knife Depot.

This is a very clever knife used for skinning. I like the knife a lot. The only problem I see with that type of knife is sharpening it. You need to use a sharpening rod, you can't use a stone