Kershaw Knife Selection

Kershaw Knife Selection

Once you've used a Kershaw knife, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Kershaw's high quality standards and quest for excellence mean every knife is made by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials. Whether you use your Kershaw knife in the kitchen, while boating, or as a handy tool you carry in your pocket, you'll have the famous Kershaw lifetime guarantee to back you.

What's more, Knife Depot adds to your level of satisfaction by adding our own 60-day, money-back guarantee to the mix. That's a combination you can't ignore. Knife Depot's extensive selection of Kershaw knives means you'll easily find exactly what you're looking for, whether you need a pocket knife, a kitchen knife, or something for the outdoorsman in your life. Our warehouse stocks thousands of top-quality knives of all types so you know your order will be quick to arrive.

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Kershaw knives made in the U.S. are well made and maintain a decent edge even after multiple usages.

I bought it for my husband for Father's Day from our oldest son. He loves it. Uses it daily.

Perfection! Excellent, Excellent Knife. If the rating had a 10 Star choice I would have rated it 10 Stars!! The opening assist is perfect! The thumb stud design is perfect. Opening the knife is the consistently the same every time! Zero effort to open the knife. If you don't own this knife yet BUY ONE! I plan on buying at least two more.

By Kenneth C.
Kershaw Knockout Pocket Knife with Brown Aluminum Handles & Stonewash Elmax Blade

I like the feel of the knife and the shape, sharpness, and heft of the blade are superb. Opening it is fast and easy but closing it is clumsy because the locking mechanism has to be displaced manually and the clip is too short and too tight making it difficult to clip back into the pocket. Overall quality is excellent and, for me, a plus is that it is made in the USA. I would have given it five stars if closing it were easier.

I intentionally sought out a knife that was manufactured in the USA, and the Scallion is manufactured in Oregon. I wanted an everyday carry knife for opening boxes of shipments. This knife is the perfect compact size. Since I am female, I wear girl's jeans and the pockets are smaller. This knife is the perfect size for small pockets. I could have purchased the Scallion for less money elsewhere, but I decided to purchased from Knife Depot as I found the online documentation extremely helpful in picking a knife style and features that I wanted. Although helpful, I believe the "perfect pocket knife" documentation is male biased as it is based on the size knife that a man finds ideal, for his larger pocket size and larger hand size (I am only 5'6" with medium hands). It would behoove Knife Depot to edit the documentation to appeal to a larger customer base. The blade was sharp out of the box and I love the dull, red, aluminum frame. Many websites have pictures depicting bright red, but the actual aluminum anodized finish is dull. I don't need a black knife that looks like I am on a military mission. The red offers a nice environmental contrast when I lay it down in the middle of a task and the dull finish doesn't show fingerprints. The pocket clip is convenient and keeps the knife in a secure location so I don't have to dig for it in my pocket. Others find the clip bulky and remove it with a Torx screwdriver. I love the one handed operation of the safety and SpeedSafe assisted opening of the knife. The assisted open is a dream compared to the nail nicks on other blades I have owned. There are two thumb studs but I don't recommend using them, as part way through the opening process the SpeedSafe assisted open will try to help you open the blade to a 90 degree position. If you are not familiar with the knife, you could create a circumstance where your fingers slip onto the blade. Other internet reviews have mentioned that the plastic safety tip slide is an issue. My plastic safety tip broke within 60 days of use. However if you are using the pocket clip on your left pocket (as intended) and the safety does fail, the blade cannot open as it will push against the seam of your jeans. The Frame Lock secures the blade in the open position. I once was intimidated by closing frame lock knives, but the Scallion lock is flexible and you don't need a ton of thumb strength to close it. It can be operated with a single hand. While cutting, the blade is secure in your hand and the body offers a nice contour in your palm. Your index finger will not slip onto the blade as there is a nice curve with grooved traction. Your thumb rests securely on top and grips along another grooved curve. The blade is not straight, there is a slight curve towards the base (handle). Other reviews said this may be harder to sharpen for someone that is new to sharpening. When the time comes, I will have someone else sharpen it for me. This blade is not large enough for self defense, but I highly recommend it for everyday tasks.

I carry this knife every day, it fits in my pocket so good I don't even notice I am carrying it.

This is a great knife for an EDC. You might need to sharpen the blade a little but overall with the assisted opening, you'll get used to flicking this thing all day long. Whether you use the thumbstud or the flipper it's easy and very quick to open. The pocket clip is tight. This knife will not fall out of your pocket! The signature k grooving on the handl feels comfortable and secure. It will not slip out of your hand. Love this knife. Thank you Kershaw but more importantly thank you knife-depot!!

This knife is Great. I am a general contractor and having a knife with auto assist is a must.