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By Timothy C.
Kit Rae Blade of Isis Dagger

This is a Kit Rae/United blade UC 1142. This is a fascinating dagger conceived with unique skill and design from Kit Rae. The blade is bright mirror finish with a vary sharp edge. It's 17 1/4 in. LOA with Cast metal guard & pommel, with satin antique silver plate finish, the handle is a scale (snake skin finish) it feels and balances nice in the hand. The blade could have had a stupor rib at the taper end of the blade for added strength (it's unsupported and is for display only it comes with a shield style display & hardware) The fantasy design is mid eastern style and the first in the "Blades of Chaos" collection. The pommel displays a sun disk with horns the symbol of fertility with a horned guard and intertwined snakes at the center. I personally like all of Kit Rae's designs (knifes, swords, daggers and art work) he is a master at his craft.

By Angell G.
Kit Rae Kilgorn Sword of Darkness with Limited Edition Black Blade

This was Christmas present for 22 yr old son whose first sword was destroyed by brothers friends who thought it was for tactical not displaying! He was totally surprised at opening it and delighted! Best present he's I usually order things online but for some crazy received in years, he said! Cool that it's a Limited Edition and it came with the certificate even though that wasn't promised in the description. This actually gets 10 stars from me!