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Using quality materials and the latest technology, Kizer is single-handedly changing the way people think about imported knives. Each component of every Kizer knife is meticulously machined to ensure superior workmanship and fit. The knives are assembled, finished, and sharpened by hand, giving them a custom feel.

The brand has not only proven that premium knives are achievable on a budget but has teamed up with custom knifemakers, like Ray Laconico and Matt Cucchiara, to produce inventive designs. Check out the range of Kizer models below.

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By Stephen D.
Kizer Knives Ki404B1 Flipper, VG-10 Steel, Black G-10 and Anodized Titanium Handles

I rate this a 5* because Kizer has given us a lot of both functional and aesthetic value here at a fair price. I edc mostly smaller knives but I like to handle and admire this.

By Larry I.
Kizer Knives Ki302F Flipper, Titanium/Black Carbon Fiber,Satin Clip Point

The knife is difficult to flip even after taken apart and cleaned/ reoiled. The jimping on the top front of the knife is very sharp and the flipper is located in the middle of the jimping such that it prevents the flipper from from being actuated without hurting your finger. A very poor design. The knife also has three holes going all through both sides of the carbon fiber scales toward the top rear of the knife. There is NO apparent reason for these holes as far as I can see. From the pictures it was difficult to tell that they were holes instead of screws. Kind of a surprise. Blade is not real sharp either. I think this one should go back to the drawing board. On the positive side, the blade centering was good and the overall appearance of the knife would be OK if it we're not for the three holes in the carbon fiber.

By Ken W.
Kizer Knives Ki302F Flipper, Titanium/Black Carbon Fiber,Satin Clip Point

This is my first Kizer knife. I had read many positive things about this company and I wanted to see for myself the quality they offer. I'm very impressed. Blade alignment is perfect; the blade was also razor sharp when it arrived and it's held a good edge. Flipping action is effortless and swift. (A knife that's made to flip open this quickly and easily by finger force alone makes an automatic knife seem virtually pointless.) Extra screws are provided in the box - a nice touch. The carbon fiber inserts fit so perfectly into the titanium handle that you can barely feel the seams. Care was put into the making of this knife, and it's a pleasure to handle. With this Kizer model you're clearly getting a knife that's competitive with others costing at least twice as much. And, because it works so well you won't leave it tucked away. If you're like me, anyway, you'll clip it to your pocket (it slides in and out effortlessly, by the way) and use it.

By Fred D.
Kizer Knives Ki302F Flipper, Titanium/Black Carbon Fiber,Satin Clip Point

Takes a really fine edge and holds it.

By Richard K.
Kizer Knives Ki3404A3 Flipper, Plain Titanium, Satin Drop Point

Very good knife, great craftsmanship and blade steel.