Bayou Classic 21" Tall: HP Cooker w/ full windscreen

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Bayou Classic 21" Tall: HP Cooker w/ full windscreen
Bayou Classic 21" Tall: HP Cooker w/ full windscreen
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The SP50 Tall High Pressure Propane Burner by Bayou Classic is the taller version of the SP10 High Pressure Propane Burner. Although this burner will produce a high enough heat, we do not suggest using a large stock pot on this burner. However, this tall high pressure propane burner is perfect for your large 20 quart dutch ovens all the way down to your smallest cast iron cookware. The face of the cooking area measures 14 inches in diameter. The height of this burner measures 21 inches. This burner includes a 10 PSI regulator, however you can purchase a 20 PSI regulator kit separately to obtain an 185,000 BTU flame. The 10 PSI regulator produces a 55,000 BTU flame.

Model Number: SP-50
Catalog Number: 121762
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Barbour International, Inc. was founded in 1986 and introduced the Bayou Classic line of outdoor cooking products. The initial line consisted of steel gas cookers, aluminum stockpots, deep frying skillets, and accessories for boiling and frying seafood Cajun style.

As time passed, it became apparent that many forms of American cuisine had evolved, but few products were available to fill the various needs. Recognizing this fact, Barbour International, Inc. responded by developing a full line of cooking products to meet the demands of the growing outdoor cooking market.

In 1995, Barbour International, Inc. designed a Turkey Frying product for which it holds two U.S. patents. This design has rocketed the trend of frying whole turkeys to mainstream America. In keeping with the company policy of being the innovator in the industry, Barbour International, Inc. now has additional patents pending.

To meet the needs of regions of the country having their own style of outdoor cooking based on ethnic traditions, geography, and climate; Bayou Classic offers products for all of the following:

* Southern states: "Low Country Boil"

* Eastern states: "Steaming" crabs, clams, and oysters in Eastern states

* New England: "Boiling" lobsters

* Great Lakes region: "Fish Boils"

* Central States: "Boiling" corn

* Southwest: "Slow cooking" chili and stews

* Southern California, Texas and Florida: "Steaming and Boiling" tamales and menudos

* Gulf Coast: "Boiling" crawfish, shrimp, and crabs as well as gumbos and jambalaya

* West Coast: Wok cooking

* Nationwide: "Frying" fish and chicken

* Nationwide: "Frying" whole turkeys

To accomplish this, the Bayou Classic line now consists of a wide variety of stockpots and steamers, deepfryers, turkey and chicken fryers, outdoor gas cookers, cast iron cookware, and griddles. Most recently,stainless steel products including cookers, stockpots, deep fryers, and turkey fryers have been added to theproduct line. Barbour International, Inc.'s merchandising philosophy has been "narrow and deep". As a result, Bayou Classic carries a broad assortment of product within this narrowly defined segment of the outdoorcooking market. The driving principle of Bayou Classic is to offer the highest product value, determined by design, function, and safety. This principle combined with Barbour International, Inc.'s commitment to deliver superior performance in all aspects of operations has brought Bayou Classic to be,"The Finest in Outdoor Cooking Products!"

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