Lansky Professional 4-Stone Knife Sharpening Kit

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The Lansky 4-Stone Sharpening Kit is the best and easiest compact knife sharpening system you may ever use. Expertly-designed to give your blades a surgically-sharp edge, the Lansky 4-Stone features four different grades and variable angles to hone your blades: coarse (120 grit), medium (280 grit), and fine (600 grit), and ultra-fine (1000 grit). The Lansky is built to accommodate most types of blades with a extra-long clamp system and features a custom molded storage case for all its components. The 4-Stone also includes a medium triangle hone for serrated knife sharpening. A compact, professional system that will pay for itself after one use!

Model Number: LKCPR
Catalog Number: 12850

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Sandy H. from Kent, United Kingdom
July 30, 2011

Excellent piece of kit. Easy to use and gives an excellent edge to your blade every time.

By Brian F. from Darwin, Australia
August 24, 2009

Excellent service item arrived in a timely fashion from US to Australia. Was kept well informed etc. Exactly what was ordered in good condition and well packaged.

By Eric L. from Salt Lake City, UT
May 1, 2008

This is a very good sharpening system. It will take some time and patience to obtain a good edge, but the results are excellent. I went through all my kitchen knives and they are now sharper than new. My wife was a little worried at the beginning because they were so sharp. Needless to say this system paid for itself after the first use. I also bought the black Pedestal Mount, which makes sharpening knives a less awkward operation.

By Tom M. from Westamwell Nj
February 10, 2008

It works great! I like it!

By Brennan M. from San Francisco, CA
December 6, 2007

It works better than those cheap Slider ones.

By Peter L. from Camilla, GA
April 4, 2007

This combination sharpening kit is a must for the people who want a quick, precise sharpness on any knife or tool. Easy to use and store away for future use. I recommend this kit for the knife and tool afficianado who wants their tools and knives with an excellent edge for jobs around the kitchen or home.

By Andrew V. from Innisfail,Alberta, Canada
April 27, 2006

This is the best and the easiest knife -sharpening system I have ever encountered and I can certainly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

By Mary M. from South West Pennsylvania
September 11, 2005

It made sharpening my chef knives much easier and I could do so with confidence that I was maintaining the correct angle.

By Blair M. from New Zealand
April 4, 2012

Good range of stones and angles mean that I can sharpen a variety of knives. The sharpening kit is good value.

By Ben B. from Australia
June 13, 2009

This is a product that is easy to use and effective in what it is designed to do! IEasy cleaning and compact storage is what I am after. I am very happy with my purchase and the service I experienced!

By Geoff D. from Afghanistan
January 28, 2009

This is a very good kit, however, it takes a long time to sharpen a knife utilizing all of the stones. It is on par with the diamond 3 stone set. The diamond set is getting the job done faster though.

By Dudley R. from Little Rock, AR
May 26, 2006

I found it to be easy to use and very accurate on a variety of blades. I plan to build a longer container for it so that I can keep the stones permanently mounted on their guide rods.

By John V. from Opelousas,Louisiana
November 28, 2005

Very nice tool to sharpen knives

By Raymond T. from Los Angeles, CA
August 24, 2005

I like this sharpening system. If you follow the instruction carefully, you will guarantee to have a razor sharp knife. It's much better than the electrical one from ChefsChoice that I had. I ended up buying the universal mount because I cannot hold the knife on one hand and sharpen it in the other.

By Michael D. from Central. LA
January 9, 2016

I have owned this type of Lansky sharpening system for many years. I recently ordered this one as a gift. I immediately noticed a difference between this kit and the one I have owned for almost 10 years. The clamp guide is different. First, the new clamp is made of cast aluminum, the old one is made from machined aluminum, therefore the new one will be a LOT more brittle. Second, the new clamp is not quite as tall. This causes difficulty when using the 17% and the 20% slot guides on some knives. Third, the very tip of the clamp guide is recessed and has little rubber grips glued into the tip of the guide, I find these rubber grips are prone to slipping during use. My first reaction was to contact Lansky. I do have to say there were a LOT of gripes on their website about the very same issue(s). Lansky did reply to me via email and explained that they seem to acknowledge the issue(s), and have a redesigned clamp guide coming out in Jan or Feb of 2016. The new clamp guide should be available for purchase on their web site soon, we will see if they are really going to address this issue.

By Todd K. from Hopewell, NJ
March 29, 2007

The concept of the sharpener is very good, and I used the system to sharpen a knife that had been severely blunted in a trip through a washing machine (this folding knife literally fell apart as the screws worked loose and the blade ended up detaching and going through the wash on its own). I was able to use the coarse stone to reshape the point, and the knife came back as razor-sharp and as when I first bought it -- I followed the angle guidelines for sharpening a razor/scalpel. My only real complaint was that the clamp did not hold the blade very well -- the blade kept working itself loose after repeated strokes with the stones. I liked the system and the control of the honing angle enough that I stuck with it, but it was frustrating. If they could make a clamp that gripped the knife better, it would be a first-rate product. I'm on the fence about upgrading to some diamond stones until I can figure out a way to get the clamp function better. I was thrilled with the results, and will use it again to sharpen other knives, despite the clamp.

By B. S. from Charlotte, NC
August 23, 2005

Good system...takes too long to set up.

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