Rightline Gear 100B90, 13 Cubic Foot Vehicle Cargo Saddlebag

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The Cargo Saddlebag from Rightline Gear is a rugged 100% waterproof carrier that rests on the back of your vehicle. Designed for SUV's, minivans, and cross overs, this car back carrier will work on vehicles WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack.


• Capacity: 13 cu ft

• Dimensions: 40" L x 20" W x 28"

• Rear vehicle mounting for easy loading and access to your gear, WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack

• Patented design produces no aerodynamic drag and saves $$$ on gas

• 100% waterproof with welded seams and urethane coated zipper

• PVC Mesh (nylon re-enforced PVC) and Hydrotuff Material (PVC-backed polyester), UV resistant

• Attaches to SUVs, minivans, and crossovers WITH a roof rack (either side rails or cross bars)

• Install on vehicles WITHOUT a roof rack with Cargo Saddlbag Car Clips (purchased separately)

• Bottom pole frame provides structure and rigidity for the bag

• Includes: Cargo Saddlebag, base frame, (1) 2" W belt strap, (2) 1" W bottom straps, stuff sack, and sewn-in set up guide

Model Number: 100B90
Catalog Number: 16326

More Info

The Cargo Saddlebag can be loaded on the ground or while suspended from the back of your vehicle. The bag features a zipper that unzips 3/4 of the way around. This makes packing fast and will allow you to grab that one item you need once your trip is underway. The Cargo Saddlebag has a handle on each side of the bag so that it can be easily lifted off of the vehicle and taken right into hotel rooms etc.

This cargo bag keeps water out with its urethane coated zipper under a Velcro-close zipper flap. The carrier is constructed of PVC Mesh and Hydrotuff Material using Rightline Gear's advanced Dual Seam Technology. The two materials are sewn together for strength and then welded along the same line to make the seam waterproof. This results in a 100% waterproof cargo bag that lets you travel with confidence that everything will stay dry.

The bottom pole frame of the Cargo Saddlebag slides into the underside of the carrier to provide structure and support. The poles break down and the entire luggage carrier rolls up for storage in its own stuff sack for storage after your trip.

Car Back Carrier Attachment

1. Vehicles WITH A Roof Rack - Connect the Saddlebag's side straps to the roof rack's cross bars or side rails

2. Vehicles WITHOUT A Roof Rack - Add the Saddlebag Car Clips (sold separately) to attach the carrier to the gap between the vehicle's rear hatch door and roof.

In addition to the top attachment the bag attaches to your vehicle with two bottom straps which attach to your tow hitch, bumper, or frame behind the bumper. If your vehicle does not have an attachment point for the bottom straps, you can use the belt strap. The belt straps can also be used in conjunction with the bottoms straps for added security.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Tara E. from Laurel, MD
May 10, 2010

The cargo saddlebag worked really well for our trip from MD to FL. We had no room on the inside of the car with 7 passengers and a 60 lb dog. We have a roof rack cargo bag, but we couldn't fit everything in that. So the additional storage from the cargo saddlebag was much needed, and the material and make of the saddlebag is excellent (and waterproof).

By Kathi M. from Philadelphia, PA
October 14, 2008

It works great! It's easy to set up with just one person and is much more manageable than a roof carrier.

By Steve B. from Houston, TX
September 8, 2008

We took a family vacation in our SUV with 7 passengers and did not have any room to spare for luggage. I started reading reviews all over the internet for cargo carriers. I came across this backpack carrier and was a little hesitant. All the overhead reviews that I read, the customers were concerned over 2 main points. First was the effect they would have on their gas mileage and second water entering their carriers during rain storms. Well we drove from Texas to New York, then to Florida and back to Texas, over 4300 miles and plenty of rain in between. We were able to load ALL of our luggage in to this carrier, got great gas mileage and most of all it never got a drop of water in the carrier at all. Another great point is that with the overhead carriers, it is really hard to access you stuff during a trip, with this carrier it was a snap. I was totally 100% satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone that travels.

By Carol M. from Rockville, MD
August 12, 2008

We bought this pack to use in the back of our pickup truck while hauling our trailer. It is larger than I expected it to be. It did a great job of keeping everything together and dry. We had lawn games, beach chairs and more in it with plenty of room to spare.

By Barny J. from Cincinnati, OH
July 29, 2008

I bought this cargo carrier because I didn't want the wind drag caused by the rooftop carriers. I drove over 4,000 miles with this carrier on the back of my minivan, and it worked great. The carrier has a lot of space and is simple to attach and detach from the vehicle. It also provides easy access to items that are placed in the carrier. We even drove through a lot of rain, and the items in the carrier stayed dry. I would definitely recommend this product. My only concern is that it covers the license plate, so I would recommend moving the license plate to the rear window while using this carrier.

By Lynn J. from St. Louis, MO
April 10, 2008

We bought this to use on our 2005 Chrysler Town & Country minivan for a 12 hour drive from St. Louis, MO to Gulf Shores, AL. It was GREAT! Easy to install on the vehicle, held a lot of bags that freed up room in the van for comfort of the passengers. We plan to use use it again and again!

By Barbara B. from Wobur, MA
July 31, 2006

I have a SUV but as we all know, you never seem to have enough room. I was able to pack every thing in my PackRight Cargo Saddlebag with room to spare. As luck would have it, we had to drive for about 100 miles of rain and wind, but when we open our PackRight Cargo Saddlebag, every thing was nice and dry. The PackRight Cargo Saddlebag was so easy to install. I had it setup and loaded in less than 30 min, and when we got home the PackRight Cargo Saddlebag rolled up into a nice package so we could store it in our apartment. Thanks again for a great product.

By Kelly B. from Norwalk, OH
March 2, 2011

We used is product for a trip from Ohio to Florida and it was just what we needed for six people. We ran into snow and rain along the way and had no issue with moisture. We did have to do some engineering as our traverse does not have cross rails for the luggage rack, but two pieces of metal in the rails to hold the hooks worked fine.

By Walter H. from Garland Prairie, AZ
June 15, 2010

I drive a 2006 Forester, and this 14 cu. ft. of extra space is wonderful. I'd give it 5 stars but the zipper is a problem. We had to sew up the 2 corners to prevent it from stripping out. The bag holds way more than I thought it would and you can also use it in the back of the car, laid down, as an inside cargo container. There is a tendency for the straps to torque the luggage rack bars, so check them often and make sure they're tight. I also added a 1/2" piece of OSB in the bottom, so it would ride on the bumper better, and it is easier to load.

By Vince C. from New Jersey
August 17, 2009

I was able to fit quite a few bags in it, and I like that its on the rear of the car not on top making it easy to access the bags. Setting it up was very easy and it helps to have another person though. The only improvement that I can think of is it needs is to the board that lays at the bottom, it bends very easily.

By Kerry A. from Oklahoma City, OK
August 4, 2009

I evaluated 100+ cargo storage devices. I rolled the dice and went with this unconventional solution. Though the Pack Right is rated for 100 pounds, the volume capacity is perfect for sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, etc. Installation only takes minutes and requires only 1 person. My first install was 20-30 minutes. My second install was only 5-10 minutes since my straps were already set for my vehicle. For our next trip, I will try to find a way to bolster the bottom of the bag. It was supportive but did tend to sag. *** Now for a word of warning. I was pulled over by a Colorado State Trooper and given a warning. He could not see my license plate and my home state does not require a front vehicle plate. In the future, I will move my plate to the front of the vehicle and put a dummy paper copy on the PackRight.

By April N. from Weiser, ID
July 5, 2009

Things were kept safe & secure! There is no flopping around. It looks like we can use it again next year. I went from home to the OR coast without any problems.

By Rebecca E. from United States
May 1, 2009

We used this product on the back of a Yukon XL. It worked wonderful with our factory roof rack system! I am so glad we bought this instead of a roof top carrier. It was easy for two people to attach to the car. No noise while driving. On our car it did not cover up the car tag. We did not have a liner and everything stayed totally dry. It held two large suitcases easily.

By Julia G. from Springfield, MO
September 22, 2008

It worked great, giving us more room in the car for a road trip! The only issue was that it is not as water resistant as I had hoped and one of the buckle ends slipped off at some point. It was from the strap for use without a roof rack. We just used it as an extra strap though. I put a plastic storage box in the bottom to give it more shape and stability. I also recommend getting a small luggage lock for it so that you don't worry too much when making stops along the way.

By Lane M. from Wisconsin
May 6, 2008

Our roof rack is a little further to the front of the vehicle and the straps are not long enough to allow the bag to sit below the back window causing the rear view to be obstructed. If the bag sits lower as pictured it covers the rear license plate, which I believe is prohibited by law in some states (the plate must be visible).

By Megan L. from Monett, MO
April 11, 2008

We took this bag across country. It is huge! We had no trouble fitting all of our bedding, etc. in it. I also appreciated not having to climb on top of the car to access our stuff. My biggest complaint though is that when you strap the extra strap across the luggage rack it sometimes catches wind and flaps miserably against the top of the car. I suppose we didn't have to use the extra strap, but we felt like it would be too scary if one of the main straps came loose on the freeway.

By Ken S. from Chicago suburb
August 24, 2005

Item was great for the light-weight items we were hauling (pillows, life-jackets, towels, linens, etc...). Two things bothered me about this item 1) we had to order one large strap buckle that did not come with the original bag. 2) The anti-sway straps (bottom) were a pain. After nounting the bag the straps need to be cinched (tightened). This is difficult to do from underneath with the "slip-belt" type of fastener. These should have the snap-buckle (quick release) type of connectors.

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