Mountain House Pilot Bread Crackers

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Mountain House Pilot Bread Crackers
Mountain House Pilot Bread Crackers
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• Can contains 70 one cracker servings

• Ideal for lunch time snacks, with soups or dinners entrees

• Ready to eat and use straight from the can

Model Number: 30584
Catalog Number: 190723
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Freeze-drying provides very unique benefits and advantages over other food processing methods. Frozen foods maintain fresh flavor, but they must be kept frozen. Dehydrated and canned foods are shelf-stable, but their high-temperature processing reduces their flavor, texture, color, and nutrients. Freeze-drying combines the best of these processing method lock in the freshness, color, texture, and aroma of frozen food while providing the shelf-stable convenience of canned or dehydrated food. Mountain House®... freeze-dried food:

Tastes fresh: Freeze-dried foods are nutritious and retain their fresh-food taste. Freeze drying removes only the water, not the flavor.

Looks Fresh: Freeze-dried foods maintain their original shape and texture. Low temperature processing removes the food's water yet keeps the moisture channels and fibers intact. When water is added back to the food, you can enjoy every fresh-food detail within minutes.

Weighs less than fresh: 98% of the water has been removed from Mountain House so the weight of the food is reduced by 60% to 90%.

Stays fresh: Mountain House freeze-dried foods are packed in specially-designed packaging. This multi-layered package can be stored at room temperature for serveral years withouth food deterioration or spoilage. (We recommend use within 5 years.) For best results please avoid prolonged storage in humid environments or at temperatures above 90°F degrees, and please be careful not to cause even the smallest "pinhole" puncture which can let air and moisture into the package.

Customer Reviews

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By Karen K. from Haymarket, VA
November 23, 2009

I grew up in New England, and these are the crackers we ate with Clam Chowder -( I remember them as milk biscuits) nothing else would do. I've been looking for them for years and couldn't find them. These are fantastic. I intend to surprise my 6 siblings each with a can of these for Christmas!

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