Travel Chair Insect Shield Bug Repellent Mesh Camping Chair

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Travel Chair Insect Shield Bug Repellent Mesh Camping Chair
Travel Chair Insect Shield Bug Repellent Mesh Camping Chair
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****Good Housekeeping's 2010 VIP Winner

Travel Chair has teamed up with folks at Insect-Shield to create a chair that infuses their permethrin based bug repellent into the fabrics of one of our chairs. The technology behind this process is cutting edge all while keeping the environment and your health in mind.


• Ballistic Nylon Mesh treated with odorless insect protection by Insect Shield Repellent Gear.

• Ballistic Nylon Mesh is mildew and sun resistant.

• Repellent treated material reduces need for topical repellants.

• Proven to repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and fleas.

• Product is safe to be used by infants, children, and women who are pregnant or nursing.

• Product dimensions open: 20.5 x 21 x x31

•Seat height from ground 16 inches

•Weight capacity 300 lbs

• Product dimensions closed: 6 x 6 x 31

The Insect Shield TravelChair is a great product for the outdoors. It's perfect around the campfire or fishing, and Saturdays at the ball field.

Model Number: 579VISBK
Catalog Number: 216161
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We know – it’s just a chair. No big deal if it breaks. Right? It’s not like a carabineer straightening out and sending you hurtling to your death. Or breaking a paddle on a Class V river just before you skirt that terminal sieve. But if your chair breaks it will hack you off. And it will hack us off.

Since 1984 we have been designing chairs in phun hog heaven in Gig Harbor, Washington. We overbuild them from the nylon that we use in the feet to the webbing that holds the seatbacks to the frames. We’re just that way. Hey – we know that it’s just a chair. But we want it to be the best chair that you’ve ever owned.

WEBBING: Seat belt webbing is good enough to save your life and it is good enough to reinforce our chairs. We could do the “industry standard” and just take another fold of our 600 denier fabric for reinforcements, but we wouldn’t be happy with the results. Neither would you.

FEET: Who would think that a little black piece could be so important? Feet hold the chair together and keep you out of the dirt. Our feet are designed, like our molded grommets, to be at peace when loaded. Our nylon insures that the feet in your chair will be yoga flexible and powerlifter strong.

GROMMETS: TRAVELCHAIR® molds grommets to conform to optimal angles when the chair is loaded. High strength nylon and double stitching means no compromise in durability for you.

RIVETS: Not all rivets are the same - ours are oversized to maintain frame integrity. Instead of drilling a large hole to drop our rivet into and then mashing down the ends for a tight fit, we drill to exacting tolerances, which means more manufacturing time spent creating TRAVELCHAIR® products, and much longer, happier life in your hands.

FRAMES: Our steels and aluminums are a grade higher than what is on the market and a tick or two thicker. Are you thinking of getting that less expensive chair? Just remember, it’s less expensive for a reason. And it’s not what you get, but what’s missing that counts.

DESIGN: TRAVELCHAIR® started the whole folding furniture genre in 1984. Natural selection has led to a design that is as simple, as light and as tough as possible. Since 1984 we have sold over 2.5 million chairs – that’s a lot of real life abuse (we call it product testing).

FABRIC: The common thread throughout our line is that each fabric must be the ultimate in durability for its intended use. Take the 600 denier nylon. We use a double layer instead of a single layer like the discount store chairs. Our Ballistic Nylon and Polyester Meshes are the result of having a need and then working with suppliers to make it happen. Of course, along the way we put it through product testing in the Desert Southwest, in Chilean Patagonia and in our own warehouse.

DETAILS: We overbuild. You will probably never notice things like bar tacking, doubling of fabrics and reinforcement fabrics made of seat belt material, but we will. The bottom line is that attention to detail makes good designs work best.

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Built-In Insect Protection:

Insect Shield apparel and gear provides effective, built-in and odorless protection against a variety of insects including those that can carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria and Lyme disease.

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