Blantex XB-22 Camo LowBoy Folding Cot with Camo Mat

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Blantex XB-22 Camo LowBoy Folding Cot with Camo Mat
Blantex XB-22 Camo LowBoy Folding Cot with Camo Mat
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Low Boy - Economy spring cot with mat. Quick and easy set up. Folds in half for compact storage 1" Rust resistant galvanized steel tubing. 44 springs support the 100% Poly/Nylon fabric with PVC backing deck Available in Navy Blue or O.D. Green


• Open size: 26" x 71.5" x 11.5"

• Closed size: 26" x 36" x 4.25"

• Mattress Size: 25" x 71" x 1.25

• Weight: 13 pounds

• rated to 375 pounds

Brand: Blantex
Model Number: XB-22Camo
Catalog Number: 272535
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Blantex, Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Blaco Export full line of heavy duty steel folding cot, beds, stools chairs, bunk beds and many other tubular steel products and mattresses.

Why Blantex? With our partnership with Blaco Export in Mexico, we have over 40 years experience in manufacturing and distributing the most durable and economic camping, home and special needs steel tubular furniture. Our proximity to the factory gives us the ability to respond to your needs very quickly.

QUALITY: All our furniture is made of heavy duty steel. Our beds are all rated for 1 person up to 375 lbs. Our furniture is made for long lasting quality and comfort. We are not the cheapest game in town but we do offer the best value. Aluminum furniture will never be as strong as steel.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE:We are ready and have the experience to help during emergency situations. We were the first to help during disasters such as the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack on New York City, the 2005 record breaking hurricane season including hurricane Katrina and Rita that devastated the Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast. More recently we supported emergency responders in 2008, by delivering tens of thousands of cots in August and September, for the California wild fires, as well as Hurricane Gustav. When Hurricane Ike devastated our hometown of Houston TX. on Friday night, we were still delivering beds Saturday night in the dark, since the whole town was without electricity.

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