Cold Steel Knives - Two Handed Machete

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Some big cutting jobs are often best handled by using both hands and that's where the two handed machete comes into its own. Its long polypropylene handle and tough 1050 carbon steel blade give you the leverage to cut down small trees as well as thick brush and tangled vines. Weighing just under two pounds and measuring 32" in overall length, it's light and compact enough to lash to your pack and is a natural to stash in your vehicle, boat, or airplane. In a self defense emergency, the Two Handed machete will also double as a highly effective sword. It's light enough to be swung with either one or both hands and delivers enough cutting power to lop off heads and dismember limbs.

• Knife Type: Fixed Blade

• Blade Edge: Plain

• Blade Length: 11.25"

• Blade Color: Black

• Blade Material: Carbon Steel

• Handle Color: Black

• Handle Material: Plastic

Model Number: 97THM
Catalog Number: 298399
Blade Length 11.25 inches
Blade Material Carbon Steel (1050)
Blade Edge Plain
Point Blunt tip
Handle Material Polypropylene
Total Length 32 inches
Blade Color Black
Sheath Included No
Pocket Clip Included No
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Knife Weight 30.9 ounces
Handle Color Black
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Logo Engraving
engraved silver knife example
Text Engraving (Silver Blade)
engraved black knife example
Text Engraving (Black Blade)

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Byron B. from Opelousas, LA
January 24, 2009

I really like the Cold Steel machete. We use them to cut brush for the duck blinds every day. They really keep a good edge and you can get a good swing from the 2 handed. Thank you!

By Cory F. from Texas
September 18, 2007

I must make a retraction, after learning to swing this machete like an ax and not like a machete. It is actually a very useful tool. It cuts well and will do the trick for small trees and brush.

By Ross S. from Florida
December 26, 2009

This machete will take down small trees & limbs. It is also sharper than I thought.

By Jim G. from Rhode Island
March 14, 2008

The structure of this machete is good, but the blade needed much sharpening to even consider cutting anything. As long as you know how to sharpen a large blade this is a good, strong, intimidating weapon.

By Michael H. from Panama City, FL
September 24, 2007

It cuts well and is suitable for cutting larger brush.

By Michael W. from Burlington, IA
August 23, 2005

I was very pleased with the item, even though it had a bad rivet on the handle. It was obviously smashed during the manufacturing process but was not noticed before it was shipped out to me. It did not affect the performance, and was not worth the hassle of a return. Cold Steel is an excellent company that does not make junk. I have a few other Cold Steel knives, and they are superior products made with quality materials.

By Peter F. from Littleton, CO
March 10, 2006

It seems like a good idea, but it is difficult to handle and does not have very good balance.

By Cory F. from East Texas
August 23, 2005

It is a good physical design but a good Ontario knife machete will cut deeper, make clearing time faster and hold an edge better. We clear several lanes a year and so far other than a brush hog the Ontario knife machete is the best.

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