Gerber Gator Machete, Gator Grip Handle, Sawback Blade

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With its many impressive features, the Gerber Gator machete puts all of the power and strength of the legendary bayou beast into your two hands. It includes a 15-inch high carbon stainless steel blade that's fine-edged on one side and sawtoothed on the other so you can use it on practically anything: small trees, firewood, brush, and hostile swamp rats. Its handle is covered with Gerber's trademark Gator grip, which will maintain your grip in even the dankest humidity. And with its included nylon sheath, you'll be able to take this blade anywhere and keep it clean and dry.

Brand: Gerber
Model Number: 31-000758
Catalog Number: 309043
Blade Length 18 inches
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Sheath Material Nylon
Blade Edge Plain
Point Drop Point
Handle Material High Carbon Steel with Gator-Grip
Total Length 25.7 inches
Blade Color Black
Sheath Included Yes
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Knife Weight 0.18 ounces
Handle Color Black
Machete Type Bush
Gerber Logo
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In 1939 Joseph Gerber hired a local knife maker to build 25 sets of kitchen cutlery to be given as Christmas gifts. The knives were so popular that Joseph Gerber left his advertising agency to start Gerber Legendary Blades®. The unique style and high quality manufacturing of Gerber cutlery soon developed wide spread acclaim. In fact, Gerber Legendary Blades are the only cutlery on display in New York’s famous Museum of Modern Art.

From very early on, Gerber collaborated with top knife designers, setting a standard of quality for everyone else to follow. Renowned designers such as Al Mar, Bob Loveless, Paul Poehlmann, "Blackie" Collins, William Harsey Jr. and Ernest Emerson have all designed knives for Gerber. In 2002 this tradition continued as Gerber released the Silver Trident™, designed by Chief James "Patches" Watson (U.S.N. Ret.) and Bill Harsey Jr.

Today, Gerber continues to design and manufacture unique, high quality outdoor recreation products. In 2003 we are proud to introduce the next generation of multi-tools: the Recoil™ Auto-Plier. By constantly utilizing new technology and innovative design to develop new products, Gerber continues to be an industry leader.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By John S. from Wisconsin
August 8, 2015

Needed something to cut my way through a field of thistle and this machete did the job with no problem. The sheath is a good protective item. The machete is rugged and should last a long time.

By Brad H. from Dallas TX
June 25, 2014

I bought this machete 3 years ago. I love it. I chopped through just about anything I could or needed to. Good yard tool. Took it camping and the saw works amazing well. Catfish decapitation is a breeze. Friend had a cheaper blade and got rid of it when he saw mine and what it would do. Recommending to everyone.

By Alan A. from Hanson, MA
August 22, 2011

Quality blade. Heavy duty without being too heavy. The saw on the back of the blade is awesome. This was more than I expected and saves me time in the yard and on the trail.

By Dj F. from Slc, UT
June 26, 2011

Great, solid, well-built product at a fabulous price. I may buy a couple more.

By David B. from Bardstown, KY
June 5, 2011

Best machete I've ever had. Blade is tempered well. Edge holds up well to heavy chopping. It can bend quite a bit and spring right back. I have two and both get abused by myself and my son. The saw on the back does what it's supposed to, It's not a chain saw, but it will cut thru a 4" tree in just a couple minutes. It will need edged when new. I use the Smiths pocket sharpner, with carbide and ceramic, that took about 5 min to edge and sharpen. Can't ask for an easier sharpener really, and produces a great edge. My only complaint is the sheath. It should have been made of kydex. I ended up making my own. Someone gave this 3 stars because it didn't have a full tang, and speculated it would crack the handle. I've beat on these two machete's for two years and regulary one shot 1" limbs and trees, summer and winter and never had a problem. A full tang would probably induce allot more vibration.

By Jodie A. from Yorktown, VA
February 18, 2010

Great survival tool.

By Kay A. from Oceanside, CA
September 12, 2009

Very quick delivery, I was impressed, and it gets the job done. My grandson loves it!

By Ralphael H. from San Leandro, CA
March 13, 2009

This machete is a must have item. It has a dual purpose with that saw side on the top part of the blade. Once the blade is very sharp, it just cuts through anything. Plus if your in a forest you can double swing down and up to cut through deciduous forest.

By Archie M. from Saginaw, MI
November 8, 2008

It is a great tool if you spend time in the woods!

By James B. from Mason, TN
October 30, 2008

I will still be using this one for years to come, I'm sure. I wish they made cars!

By Joe G. from Palmetto, FL
October 12, 2008

This is a good product!

By David S. from North Carolina
May 19, 2008

This is the Best machete I ever had!

By Ric B. from Greenville, SC
November 26, 2007

The Gerber Gator machete with Gator Grip Handle and Nylon Sheath: Excellent value exactly as advertised. The handle really makes a difference in regard to both comfort in using the tool and also as a safety factor. Great customer service.

By Chris R. from Atlanta, GA
October 2, 2007

It is a great knife and the business is great too!

By Jason R. from Puerto Morales
January 11, 2016

The blade length is good, and the metal is just soft enough to hold a sharp edge for a day or two of heavy jungle chopping, but the grip material is garbage- after a few months it gets hard and you better use the wrist strap, or this thing is going flying out of your hand. This is after chopping day after day in 100% humidity where you might as well be swimming with it.

By Mark S. from Davie, FL
January 30, 2014

The Gerber Gator machete has solid, sharp blade, excellent quality grip and is very light to handle.

By Andrew B. from Kentucky
November 27, 2010

This is a quality product. Everything I have asked it to do in the bush it has done. The saw is especially excellent and easily replaces my pocket saw. It's pretty much two excellent tools in one

By Rob D. from Toronto, Canada
July 10, 2010

Good balance, good size, nice handling, the only thing is that it did not come sharpen. I spent a good hour on it, to get the right pitch. I was not prepared for the border duty to come into Canada but that's my mistake.

By B P. from Las Vegas,NV
April 7, 2010

The machete is larger than I thought it would be. With that said it is exactly what I wanted for camping in the woods. I love it

By Mike F. from Fruitland, ID
August 13, 2009

Gerber machete worked as advertised. Comfortable grip, strong, sharp blade. Very effective tool. No complaints.

By Abdiel G. from Miami, FL
October 12, 2008

This is the most practical machete that I ever had but it can be improved. 1. The maker of this machete could improve this machete with teeth of the same angle of a standard triangular file, so that one can sharpen the teeth easily. 2. A sink phosphate finish to improve the finish of the machete. But In general this machete is very good and practical.

By Gerald W. from Niceville, FL
August 26, 2008

I am very satisfied with the machete! It is used at our hunting camp to trim brush and limbs.

By Wayne S. from Oviedo, FL
February 19, 2009

I have collected machete's for the majority of my life. I am an avid outdoors man and find myself in need of machetes quite often. This particular machete looks great, and is priced very competitively, but at the end of the day its pretty Flimsy, and not for heavy cutting. You would think you would use the saw blade on the back, but once on the trail, I find myself never using it due to time and effort! So I give it 3 of 5 stars, not bad but nothing to get all excited about!

By Jamie P. from Ontario, Canada
February 16, 2012

Well, it came in the mail yesterday and I was pumped. looked good but I feel it could have been much sharper out of the package, so I spent the better part of a few hours reshaping and sharpening the edge. then today I decided to try it on a few limbs in the yard. It cut alright but the blade felt loose in the handle. so, I take out the bolts and see that the blade has almost no tang, I am very disappointed.

By Randy M. from Madera, CA
March 20, 2009

Blade held a good edge, though not full tang construction. Heavy chopping can shatter the hard plastic handle at the hex bolts.

By Tyler L. from Columbia, SC
February 19, 2013

i just started using my Gerber machete and I was chopping on some wood and at the middle of the blade it just bent in sharp edge and this puts a bad impression on Gerber machetes.

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