Boker Plus Anti-Grav Folding Knife with Ceramic Blade & Carbon Fiber Handle

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Meet your new favorite knife: the Boker Plus Anti-Grav pocket knife.

The 3.25-inch ceramic blade on the Anti-Grav has a number of advantages over traditional steel blades, including superior edge retention, a lighter weight, excellent rust-resistance, and much more.

Despite the bad rap ceramic blades have received over the years, the sleek blade on this knife will cut like few knives you've seen before. The best part is that it'll keep cutting that way long after your others knives have gone dull.

With a total length of 7.75 inches when open, the knife is surprisingly lightweight, coming in at a mere 2.10 ounces.

The beauty doesn't stop there though. The handle is made from carbon fiber, which not only helps cut down on the weight but also instills the knife with a sense of style and elegance.

Rounding out the folder, which uses a framelock for extra security when in use, is a pocket clip, thumb stud for one-handed opening, and a lanyard hole.

Once you've used this ceramic blade, you'll wonder why you waited this long to try one.

Brand: Boker Plus
Model Number: 01BO036
Catalog Number: 318242
Closed Length 4.50 inches
Blade Length 3.250 inches
Blade Material Ceramic
Blade Edge Plain
Point Drop Point
Lock Type Liner Lock
Assisted Open No
Handle Material Carbon Fiber
Total Length 7.75 inches
Blade Color Silver/Gray
Sheath Included No
Pocket Clip Included Yes
Knife Type Folding
Knife Weight 2.10 ounces
Handle Color Black
Country of Origin China
Automatic Knife No
Boker Plus Logo
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A giant chestnut tree, shading the small Boeker tool factory in Remscheid in the 17th century, is the oldest traceable symbol connected with the Boeker name. Apparently, Boeker tools were very successful, since they were among the leading products in Germany and neighboring countries 100 years later.

Due to the increasing demand in a restless political era, Hermann and Robert Boeker decided in 1829 to begin with the production of sabers. As early as September 1830, the accounting records indicate a weekly production of 2,000 items, made by 64 smiths, 47 grinders and a large number of unskilled laborers. In view of the constantly increasing variety of tools and cutting instruments and the good opportunities for worldwide sales, the family realized that the individual steps in the manufacturing process had to be spread out for optimal realization of its interests. As a result, Hermann Boeker emigrated and founded H. Boeker & Co. in New York. Young Robert developed his enterprise in Canada, founding a branch in Mexico later in 1865. This branch is still a market leader in its country under the name of Casa Boeker.

Heinrich crossed the nearby Wupper river and went to Solingen, where the German industry of cutting tools was growing by leaps and bounds at that time. In 1869, he founded Heinr. Boeker & Co. with Hermann Heuser, a well-known specialist in the field of cutting tools. The Boeker family in Remscheid and their overseas cousins had a lot of interest in and a great demand for shaving blades, scissors and pocket knives from Heinrich's new enterprise. They had to identify their products for the overseas markets in a simple way, since many customers and consumers had problems with the German name Boeker ? not considering the fact that illiteracy was widely spread. In Heinrich's opinion, the chestnut tree near the Remscheid facility represented an ideal, easy-to-remember symbol. This brand symbol was owned by the Remscheid company, together with a second logo, the arrow. One of the few valuable documents that survived the total destruction of WWII is an ad by Boeker, Remscheid, from the year 1874, showing both logos.

The relationship between the two Boeker companies had always been extremely friendly. Therefore, Heinrich was allowed to take the tree symbol across the river with him ? without any big fight or cost. Since then, not a single Boeker article has left the Solingen factory without being identified by the tree symbol. After more than 100 years of existence the old chestnut tree was the victim of lightening. In 1925 a talented artist carved a copy of the majestic tree on a piece of the trunk. This original piece of art decorates the boss' office in the Boeker plant.

As early as 1900, the majority of articles produced by Boeker were distributed in the US market. H. Boker & Co. in New York concentrated primarily on cutting tools from Solingen. Soon pocket knives became more important than scissors, shaving blades and eating utensils. The demand increased even more rapidly than Solingen was able to supply, so that the Americans in New York began their own production of pocket knives. A little later, pliers were included as well. Since the tree symbol had become well known by then and the various branches of the international Boeker family enjoyed an excellent relationship among each other, it was not difficult to receive permission from the Solingen relatives to use the tree symbol also for the American products. Since that time, two different lines of Boeker knives have been on the American market with the same brand symbol, sometimes even with the same article numbers, but one line was made in the USA and the other in Solingen. Only the declaration of marketability clarified that one line was from Boker USA and the other from H. Boker Improved Cutlery Solingen. The relationship was interrupted during WWII. The Solingen factory burned down completely. None of the equipment, tools, catalog materials or samples was spared. Those few originals from the past we have today survived the war in private homes and were made available to the company. The firm lost one of its most valuable assets: the registration of the tree symbol for the American market was confiscated pursuant to American law. John Boker Jr. acquired it in New York, in order to secure it for the distribution of the American and German products. Soon after the war, the destroyed factory was rebuilt. Those loyal skilled workers who had survived the war, returned and helped with the reconstruction of the building as well as the production, gradually regaining the previous high standard of quality.

The American cousins renewed their business contact with Solingen and started to place orders. Within a few years Boker, New York, had again become the principal customer. Models like the 7588 and 7474 and the most expensive item, the sports knife "Flagship Model 182" could not cross the ocean fast enough to reach Boker friends all over the country.

In the early 60s, Boker USA was sold and eventually acquired by the well-known scissors manufacturer Wiss & Sons. Wiss retained the manufacture of Boeker knives and sold them together with Solingen products. Of course, this meant that the Boeker scissors ceased to be competitors of the Wiss line in the American market. In the early 70s, Wiss sold to Cooper Industries, a multinational company. This new change in America proved to be advantageous for Boker.

A very close business, as well as personal relationship developed with this industrial giant. Due to its strength on the market, Cooper was able to restore the original magnitude of the Boeker name. Thanks to the very lively business activities with Cooper for eight years, the Solingen facility could streamline its production and develop new, modern products. Without exaggeration, Boker manufactures the largest assortment of high-quality knives for sportsmen and collectors with an unsurpassed variety of materials for blades and handles. Today, Boeker knives range from 320-layer Damascus steel to very modern ceramics, with handles ranging from high-quality mother-of-pearl to Thuya root wood and state-of-the-art synthetics...

In 1983 Cooper discontinued its own knife production. Models still in demand are being manufactured in Solingen today. As a result of friendly negotiations, Cooper restored the American trademark rights three years later, providing Solingen with the opportunity to become self-reliant in the huge American market. Thus, in 1986, Boker USA, Inc. was created in Denver, Colorado. Chuck Hoffman, the man who was involved with the company then, was active as CEO until 2007, working with a young, energetic team. The current CEO is Dan Weidner.

The great importance of Boeker in the South American markets (Argentina and Chile) and in Mexico is due to the efficient men of the Boeker family, who were active for us in these countries in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today's trademark includes the terms TREEBRAND and ARBOLITO. Since the Argentinian market in particular is subject to extreme economic and political fluctuations, the good name ARBOLITO was in danger of being forgotten. In 1983, Boeker Arbolito S. A. was founded jointly with the Salzmann family primarily to manufacture household and work knives in Argentina. Thanks to the constant modernization and expansion of product lines the company in Buenos Aires is able to compete worldwide with selected products today.

Video of the engraving process

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
By Evan P. from La
December 23, 2017

Light and super sharp.

By Chuck M. from Minnesota
March 31, 2017

Great knife, great price and great service. I highly recommend the Knife Depot

By Scott F. from East TN
April 23, 2016

Slick knife

By Robert J. from Castro Valley CA
May 23, 2015

Fantastic knife. Had an Infinity many years ago and this is a definite improvement. Light, incredibly sharp, carbon fiber scales; ceramic is the future and this knife paves the way.

By Dan P. from Ocala, FL
May 11, 2015

Knife is exactly as described, and really sharp. Clean lines,extremely light weight, almost disappears in my pocket. Ceramic is beautifully ground, and will cut you in a heartbeat. Great EDC, but I would not cut HD products with it, as I don't want to dull the edge (I'm not sure I cold if I tried, so I don't know what I'm afraid of). Not a wall scraper, you don't even know it's there! Great knife.

By Richard R. from Rochester, NY
April 19, 2015

Very nice and very practical. I carry this knife for normal everyday work.

By Don K. from Leavittsburg OH
April 17, 2015

Great knife. Lightweight and very comfortable to carry . Would recommend knife to anybody

By Tony J. from Utah
January 19, 2015

The knife is everything advertised. It is lightweight, very sharp and appears to fairly sturdy...not that I'll be doing any prying or driving screws with it. Fit's well in a jeans pocket and stays in place, thanks to the sturdy pocket clip.

By Bill W. from SC
December 18, 2014

Super lightweight, well designed and extremely sharp. This could become your favorite knife.

By Turk M. from Breckenridge.CO
December 6, 2014

Great Knife but the blade broke and I am waiting for Boker to repair or replace.

By Kerry S. from Breckenridge, CO
November 25, 2014

I'd been looking for this knife for a while, I could never find it for under $100. Knife depot came through with a $62.50 price on a great ceramic knife. Great job, fast shipping. I'm very pleased!

By William W. from El Cajon.CA
July 22, 2014

I like Boker knives and I really like the Boker Plus Ceramic Blade Anti-Gravity knife. It is light and the assisted opening is smooth and easy. The blade is really sharp and so far has held its edge.

By Robert R. from Buffalo NY
March 17, 2014

The ceramic blade is sharp and stays sharp I'll be looking for more of these knifes, thanks.

By Jerious V. from Baton Rouge LA
June 17, 2012

Love it

By Jerious V. from Baton Rouge LA
June 17, 2012

Love it

By Dan S. from San Antonio,TX
April 20, 2015

This is a classy knife of good workmanship. It is a very attractive piece and extremely lightweight. As a knife in my opinion must be an extremely durable utility tool, I rated it a 4. This knife is way to pretty for harsh use. I find it an excellent carry with business/dress clothing. Otherwise, I'll have to stick with my trusty Benchmade.

By Richard S. from Lake Wylie
October 4, 2014

I did not realize the tiny size but they are great for small projects and carry easily.

By H. W. A. from Dayton,texas
December 6, 2016

Dayton,Texas. This knife came to me new but it is the dullest blade ever on a new knife! Why?

By Tom F. from Indianapolis
April 17, 2015

Pocket clip very small gauge metal,it bent on the first day I put it on my pocket. Have placed a number of clips on knives on these pants and never had that trouble before I'm just getting ready to send it back or to get a replacement clip. The lightweight nature in the sharpness of this night knife are both superlative it's a good looking knife but this defect makes me rate it low especially for the price.

By Ian B. from Brisbane Australia
June 11, 2014

Unfortunately the knife has been intercepted at Customs in Sydney and nominated as a one handed opening knife and I have not been able to receive it.

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